So Who’s Amelia?

I’m not named after the pilot or the main character from those children’s books( although I got that last one quite a bit growing up). So who am I? 

My name is Amelia, and I’m one of those friends who wants to teach you everything about something once I get interested in it. Specifically, I love to teach people about being creative(especially with crochet) and hopefully making it delightful rather than stressful.

I wanted to create a place to share crochet skills and projects because as a homemaker and a mom, I know what it means to desire some creative outlet while still striving to be my best for my family. Crochet is fantastic for this because of how portable and versatile it is. Plus, crochet is not just some kind of “arts and crafts” type of activity-it’s a truly amazing skill that will allow you to make all kinds of beautiful things and will keep you learning for as long as you want!

I learned to crochet when I was about eight years old, with my mom teaching me how to make a granny square while we were sitting on her bed. From there I quickly got into the habit of making a crochet baby blanket for every new mom in our church.

Once I got a little older and discovered youtube tutorials, I started learning new things with every project and I kept figuring things out on my own, too.

Now that I’m married with my own family, one of my favorite things to do is make things for them and for our house as well. Crochet gives me something personal and creative that I can take anywhere. Not only does it help me pass the time if I’m ever out or waiting somewhere, but it helps me to think about the more important things of life while my hands are busy making something nice. With both crochet and life, I keep coming back to how we can always be making things excellent or better, while still being thankful in our hearts for what we have right now. 

And that, my friends, is the sort of thing that I want for you. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading a bit of my story. Just as I was blessed with an invested teacher and great resources, I hope that my site will make crochet easier for you to learn, and encourage you to grow little by little in whatever good, creative area you want to pursue. 



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