The Bethlehem Star Crochet Christmas Wall Hanging

This project for Christmas is simple to follow along with and creates a peaceful scene for your home decor. 

Hello fellow Crocheters! Below, you’ll find a project that’s perfect for some easygoing crochet as you prep for winter and Christmas. The Bethlehem Star crochet wall hanging is a simple project that uses just a few colors to create a peaceful, “Silent Night” type of scene. It’s perfect for swapping out your wall decor when your tree goes up and lights are getting hung. Or, you can simply leave it up as a winter-themed crochet piece all season long. 

Square featured image of this dark blue and grey crochet wall hanging, with a white star design

Below, you can find a bunch of details for this project to see if it’s right for you! 

About This Project

Gauge and Sizing

The gauge for this project is 12 stitches and 13 rows of single crochet(link single crochet tutorial post) per 4×4” square. This creates a wall hanging with a finished size of 14×16”. 

However, since this project is a simply shaped wall hanging that is only done in one piece, matching the gauge exactly will not make or break your success with it. A slightly different gauge will simply affect the amounts of yarn that you use by a little bit. 

If gauge is a concept that you’re not familiar with, check out this post to get more confident with what exactly gauge is and how to measure it. 

Materials Needed

To make this project, you will need the following: 

  • In aran yarn, approximately 42 yards of light grey, 16 yards of dark grey, 160 yards of blue, and 10 yards of white
  • H/5.00mm hook
  • A stick or dowel approximately 18-20” in length
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry needle(optional, for weaving in ends)

SKill Level

The Bethlehem Star Wall Hanging is a great project for any crocheter who is at an ambitious or advanced beginner level. The main panel of this wall hanging is worked completely in single crochet, which is nice and easy. If you are able to crochet with consistent stitches and keep your edges straight, then your wall hanging will turn out nice and clean looking. 

Secondly, the main skill that you will want to have in this project is the ability to change colors. And to be honest, you really do not need to make perfect color changes every time in this project to have it turn out well. My own star in this wall hanging could have been better with some cleaner color changes, yet the finished product is just right. Being comfortable with having multiple ends at the back of your work, or carrying your yarn along a few stitches using the tapestry crochet method (I did some of both) will make things easier. 

close shot of the crochet star in this wall hanging

Variation Ideas 

Even though the color chart and pattern directions for this project tell you exactly where to change color, the biggest variation possibility is that you don’t have to stick to that completely. With the exception of the star, you don’t have to stress too much if you switch colors in the hills of this picture in slightly different places than I do. Feel free to tweak it a bit, or at the very least give yourself a pass on teeny tiny mistakes!

Directions and Color Chart for the Bethlehem Star Crochet Wall Hanging

You can follow along with this pattern FREE. All you need to do is reference the color chart below and/or follow the written directions:

Color Chart for the Bethlehem Star wall hanging

Written Directions 


In row 1, skip a ch and sc across. In all other rows, simply sc in every st, carrying or cutting/joining colors at your discretion.

← Row 1 [RS]: (light grey) x 40

→ Row 2 [WS]: (light grey) x 40

← Row 3 [RS]: (light grey) x 40

→ Row 4 [WS]: (light grey) x 40

← Row 5 [RS]: (light grey) x 40

→ Row 6 [WS]: (light grey) x 40

← Row 7 [RS]: (light grey) x 40

→ Row 8 [WS]: (light grey) x 40

← Row 9 [RS]: (light grey) x 32, (Dark Grey) x 8

→ Row 10 [WS]: (Dark Grey) x 13, (light grey) x 27

← Row 11 [RS]: (light grey) x 24, (Dark Grey) x 16

→ Row 12 [WS]: (Dark Grey) x 19, (light grey) x 21

← Row 13 [RS]: (light grey) x 17, (Dark Grey) x 23

→ Row 14 [WS]: (Dark Grey) x 22, (Blue) x 4, (light grey) x 14

← Row 15 [RS]: (light grey) x 12, (Blue) x 8, (Dark Grey) x 20

→ Row 16 [WS]: (Dark Grey) x 18, (Blue) x 15, (light grey) x 7

← Row 17 [RS]: (Blue) x 24, (Dark Grey) x 16

→ Row 18 [WS]: (Dark Grey) x 15, (Blue) x 25

← Row 19 [RS]: (Blue) x 27, (Dark Grey) x 13

→ Row 20 [WS]: (Dark Grey) x 11, (Blue) x 29

Pinterest image 2 for this winter crochet wall hanging

← Row 21 [RS]: (Blue) x 32, (Dark Grey) x 8

→ Row 22 [WS]: (Dark Grey) x 6, (Blue) x 34

← Row 23 [RS]: (Blue) x 35, (Dark Grey) x 5

→ Row 24 [WS]: (Dark Grey) x 3, (Blue) x 37

← Row 25 [RS]: (Blue) x 40

→ Row 26 [WS]: (Blue) x 40

← Row 27 [RS]: (Blue) x 40

→ Row 28 [WS]: (Blue) x 40

← Row 29 [RS]: (Blue) x 40

→ Row 30 [WS]: (Blue) x 40

← Row 31 [RS]: (Blue) x 40

→ Row 32 [WS]: (Blue) x 40

← Row 33 [RS]: (Blue) x 40

→ Row 34 [WS]: (Blue) x 40

← Row 35 [RS]: (Blue) x 40

→ Row 36 [WS]: (Blue) x 40

← Row 37 [RS]: (Blue) x 9, (w) x 1, (Blue) x 30

→ Row 38 [WS]: (Blue) x 30, (w) x 1, (Blue) x 9

← Row 39 [RS]: (Blue) x 9, (w) x 1, (Blue) x 30

→ Row 40 [WS]: (Blue) x 30, (w) x 1, (Blue) x 9

← Row 41 [RS]: (Blue) x 7, (w) x 1, (Blue) x 1, (w) x 1, (Blue) x 1, (w) x 1, (Blue) x 28

→ Row 42 [WS]: (Blue) x 29, (w) x 3, (Blue) x 8

← Row 43 [RS]: (Blue) x 5, (w) x 9, (Blue) x 26

→ Row 44 [WS]: (Blue) x 29, (w) x 3, (Blue) x 8

← Row 45 [RS]: (Blue) x 7, (w) x 1, (Blue) x 1, (w) x 1, (Blue) x 1, (w) x 1, (Blue) x 28

→ Row 46 [WS]: (Blue) x 30, (w) x 1, (Blue) x 9

← Row 47 [RS]: (Blue) x 9, (w) x 1, (Blue) x 30

→ Row 48 [WS]: (Blue) x 30, (w) x 1, (Blue) x 9

← Row 49 [RS]: (Blue) x 9, (w) x 1, (Blue) x 30

→ Row 50 [WS]: (Blue) x 40

← Row 51 [RS]: (Blue) x 40

→ Row 52 [WS]: (Blue) x 40

← Row 53 [RS]: (Blue) x 40

→ Row 54 [WS]: (Blue) x 40

Bind off, and weave in ends. Block if needed or desired.


Using crochet hook or another method, attach the top of hanging to a rustic stick or a section of wooden dowel for hanging. Create a tunisian cord approximately 32” long and tie it to either end of the stick/dowel for hanging.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoy making this project and looking at it in your own home this holiday season. If you snap a picture of the Bethlehem Star Wall Hanging and want to send it my way, I would love to see it!

Keep the Crafting Delightful,


The Bethlehem Star Wall Hanging is a peaceful-looking crochet project to help adorn your home for Christmas. 

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  1. Wow! This is awesome! I have been wanting to create a wall hanging and this is the perfect one!

    Thank you for sharing!

    Merry Christmas 🎄

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