The Cozy Cathy Crochet Earwarmer

This design uses the Catherine’s Wheel Stitch and Fur Trim to Create a truly cozy and beautiful crochet headband pattern that you’ll want to wear every chilly day.

Realistic-looking fur yarn has been a pretty recent development, but it has opened up a world of possibilities in the fiber arts world. Creating your own fur pom poms and adding other luxurious details to projects is such a nice option to have when you don’t even have to learn another skill to do it-you can stay right in your crochet “zone of genius”. 

 Today’s experiment with mixing in faux-fur details is the Cozy Cathy Earwarmer.

Heads up! This pattern is currently Featured in the Fireside Comforts Blog Hop. Get the PDF for free below:

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You can find more details below and get started! 

About This Project

Made specifically for ladies, this pattern really does feel like a little piece of luxury. The fur trim feels incredibly soft without making the whole design too heavy or stuffy. The stitch used in the main headband body also gives this design a little bit more of a feminine look and feel. Ending up with “pinwheels” of crochet stitches gives you the perfect guide for adding extra accents of fur as well. 

While one size fits most, the pattern for the Cozy Cathy Crochet Earwarmer does include a very easy way to add a little bit more room for larger head sizes.

Materials Needed

The headband body uses easy-to-find aran or heavy worsted yarn (a 4 weight). I used Paintbox Simply Aran yarn (available here) in the color “paper white” for a bright winter white. 

The fur for this project is Lion Brand’s Go for Faux yarn, which is by far my favorite fur yarn to have worked with so far. It is SOFT! And, while the very fluffy nature of fur yarn makes it difficult to see individual stitches, I have found that using this kind of yarn for edgings and accents on projects like this earwarmer make it a little bit more approachable to work with if you are just getting started. You can find Lion Brand’s Go for Faux in all of its colors HERE. I used the color “Husky”.

Skill Level

The Cozy Cathy Ear warmer is best suited for advanced beginners to intermediate crocheters. While the pattern mostly uses very basic stitches, it does involve crocheting several stitches together in places. If you are working with fur yarn for the very first time, that may also involve a little bit of a learning curve. This is a great design for your first fur project!

Keep the Crafting Delightful!


Fur trimming on a pretty ear warmer pattern make it easy to get started with this super-soft material.

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  1. Hello, this is beautiful. So different from other ear warmers. I definitely want this pattern.
    Thank you for your beautiful designs,
    Linda Wise

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