The Grit Stitch Crochet Baby Onesie Pattern

A gender-neutral and classic baby design ready for you to crochet in any size from newborn to 3T

Even though babies grow out of things overnight(almost), making clothes for them is such a special pastime. While it’s still a labor of love, these little garments are at least they’re  quicker projects to make. If you tend to be a very practical person, it’s also nice to know that crocheting a baby romper like the one below could possibly get passed on to benefit other babies in the future, too. 

The Grit Stitch Romper is a project and new baby design that I’m delighted to share with you today. It was an absolute pleasure to make this for my own little model. But, since this crochet pattern includes just a few simple shapes and minimal details, it’s truly a classic design that you can create for just about any baby or small toddler. Plus, depending on your choice of yarn and color, this is a project that can be made for any season. I hope you enjoy! 

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You can find more helpful details on this project and to see directions for the six month size. You can also access this pattern in all the sizes and with premium support by becoming part of the  Crochet Makers Community. Coming soon! 

About This Project 

Material Needed

  • G/4mm hook
  • Light worsted yarn: From 165-450 yards depending on the size you are making.
  • 2-3 snaps for rom per bottom
  • Sewing needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry needle(for weaving in ends)

For my baby’s onesie that you see pictured, I used Paintbox Recycled Cotton in the “string” color.

Skill Level

The entire body of the Grit Stitch Romper is done in the grit stitch. As a very simple variation of single crochet, this pattern is easy to execute and creates juuuuuust enough texture. You can see a tutorial for this stitch here. 

While an ambitious beginner could make this romper, overall I would label it as an intermediate project. This is mainly due to the increases and decreases needed to create the romper body. The 


The size of this pattern is based on the size of a baby’s chest, as well as length. For the six-month size(which is what I made for my little girl pictured) the pattern is made to fit a chest size of 17” around. There is also a size chart with these details in the pattern download. 

While this pattern runs a bit small, it also has a tendency to be very forgiving with stretch once its put on a living, wiggly baby. In my experience, it’s most accurate to say that the pattern fits an average baby as soon as they are the “correct” age for that size, with the stretch in the design allowing the onesie to fit about as long(or short, lol) as most baby clothes do. When in doubt, size up for longer wear!


The gauge for this project is 14 stitches and 14 rows of single crochet per 4×4” swatch. 


(this pattern is done using US terms) 

  • ch: chain stitch(yarn over, draw a loop through)
  • hdc: half double crochet(yarn over, insert hook, draw a loop through)
  • sc: single crochet(insert hook, draw up a loop, yarn over, draw through 2 loops.)
  • sc2in1: start a sc, start the next sc, and finish both of them together(single crochet decrease)
  • ss-slip stitch(insert hook and draw a loop through work and the loop on the hook)
  • st/sts: Stitch/stitches

Tester Pictures

Below, you can see some of the wonderful onesies that the testers completed for this project. They all did such a lovely job!

Pattern Directions

The following directions are for crocheting the Grit Stitch Romper in the 6 month size:

Main Body Piece(make two)



Row 1: starting in the second chain from the hook *sc2in1, and skip a st* repeat across the row to the last st, and finish with a sc2in1. (8sts) Ch2 and turn.

Row 2: hdc. ch1 *skip a st, sc2* rep across the row to the last st. Ch1 and hdc. (10sts)Ch2and turn

For the next 12 rows: Repeat row 2. By increasing 2sts per row(with the ch sts) you should finish with 34sts.

Middle section

For the next 21 rows: sc. *skip a st, sc2in1* rep across the row to the last st, and then sc. (keep the same stitch count throughout)Ch1 and turn.

Decreasing for onesie top

Note: for this last section, the turning chain counts as a stitch.

For the next 7 rows: *skip a st and sc2in1* rep across to the last 2sts. Skip a st and sc.

You should Finish with 20 sts. ch1 and turn.


Pick the body piece that you want to use for the back. At one of the top corners of the neckline, attach the yarn.

For 20 Rows: sc4. Ch1 and turn.

SS the end of the strap to the opposite side of the onesie at the neckline corner. Repeat this process for the second strap on the opposite side.

Seaming, trim, and finishing

Lay the onesie flat and seam the two body pieces together from top to bottom with ss. Start at the beginning of the decreases at the top and bind off when you get to the top of the leg increases(only seam together the straight sides).

(Optional) work one row of sc around the bottom, neckline, and arm openings to create a clean edge.

Weave in any remaining ends.

At the romper bottom, stitch on 2-3 evenly spaced snaps with a needle and thread.

Pattern Download

Once you finish the onesie, take that final step to weave in all your ends, trim the sewing threads, and block your project if you want to. Now it’s ready for a sweet little babe! 

Thanks so much for taking an interest in this project. If you take your precious creative time to make a Grit Stitch Romper, I would love to see your results(you can message me or tag me in pictures on Instagram at @ameliamakesblog. 

And before you go, don’t forget to grab your free pattern bundle to stash for some lovely future WIPs as well. 

Keep the Crafting Delightful!


The Grit Stitch Romper is a classic crochet baby project suitable for any season

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