How to Create a Cozy Home (even if you don’t know how)

Creating your home

“Home is where the heart is” is how the old saying goes. No matter how adventurous we may be or how much we like to be going places and doing things, most everyone likes to have a home base to return to. When that nest is welcoming and well-situated to suit us, it meets a multitude of needs and gives us a comfortable place to recharge before we face the world again.

But many of us aren’t sure where to start when it comes to setting up a home that is both pretty and practical. It’s quite possible that we see places where our examples of a home have fallen short up to this point in our lives. Even if we have had great examples of cozy, nurturing homes, that doesn’t mean that completely copying them is going to work for us.

We have an idea (or a LOT of ideas!) about what we want to do. But often, it takes a lot of trial and error to find the best way to make those ideas work for us, in our home, for the stage of life we’re in right now.

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To make this a little more challenging, creating our first “real” home comes at a busy time of life. The time where are really getting serious about this is often around the same time that we have other serious “adult” responsibilities to think about. We probably have a new job or, even more importantly, a young family that is still becoming our new normal. In either case, as soon as we realize the importance of a strong home base, we realize that making the place we want it to be is going to be a challenge.

Creating your home

So, here I’d like to share a few steps that will help you while you are creating your home, even if you have limited time. This is a crash course, if you will, that distills everything I’ve learned so far about arranging a house to best serve a family. Beyond that, I hope to give you some ideas about infusing your own creativity in to the process, too. After all, creativity based at home is what this site is all about.

And don’t worry-this is NOT about how much money you have available for decorating/buying supplies. It’s not about how much time you have to make quaint homemade things. This is not even about how ready(read: clean and tidy) your home is for making changes. This is simply about the fact that anyone who is willing is able to create a loving and welcoming home for themselves and their families. Being able to add your own creative projects, if you want, to is just a bonus.

Here’s how I would suggest anyone make the most of their time to shape their ideal home:

Start with a vision

It’s very hard to get somewhere if you don’t know where you’re going. When it comes creating your home, you first need to clarify what ideals you want to reach for. What activities and routines are most important to you and your family? What kind of spaces are going to best facilitate those routines?

Those questions can be read through very quickly, but they are actually really important. Feel free to spend as much time on them as you need to. Thinking about this can really dig deep into matters of the heart and what type of legacy you want to nurture in your home.

Although those heart issues are a lot deeper than how your home looks on the surface, the appearance of your home is still a reflection of your values. Would a new pop of color somewhere make the place more cheerful? Is there a focal place in the home you could work on to make it more inviting for gathering? Could a really practical need in your space (such as organization) be accomplished in some creative way to make it more delightful? As you identify your ideals, you may be surprised at how quickly you notice ways to reflect these ideals in the most obvious ways. This leads us to the next step:

Identify areas for growth

Once you know what purposes you want your home to reach for, it should be a lot easier to see what things you can change. Not only that, hopefully you will start to see the things you can change to make the biggest impact. There’s probably a lot you could change, but certain things are probably going to seem more important than others now if you have identified your priorities.

For example, finding a way to display some artwork that speaks life over your home might take precedence over incorporating a new seasonal fabric into your living room. It really just depends on your home, your desires, and possibly what creative hobbies you will be using to make this process your own.

But even with some priorities in place, the number of ideas you want to implement in your home might be overwhelming. Just know, they don’t all have to be done at once!

In fact, that’s the next point.

Go little by little

Going back to what I said earlier, making a house more of an ideal home can be done without a huge commitment of time or money…at least not all at once. Your house doesn’t have to change drastically overnight, and it’s probably better that it doesn’t. Just start with what you consider to be the most important thing on your list, and start working on that one thing however you can right now. When it’s done, at whatever level works for you right now, go on to the next thing.

So far, these tips have been applicable whether you want to DIY your home-cozying projects or not. Now, I’d like to turn more to those of you who want to work on creating your home by including some of your own creative skills. These can be combined a great deal of the time, and it might be a great way to get back to some creative outlets that we’ve put aside for a while in light of life’s responsibilities. It’s time to bring them back in!

Use your own unique creativity

Here is where things get particularly fun. Once you know which projects to do first in creating your home for the better, you can brainstorm creative approaches. Think of what you like to do or have been wanting to try. This could be arts that I talk about on this site like sewing or crochet, or it could be any number of other skills (painting, calligraphy, woodburning, pottery, paper crafts…..). Even choosing just one or two things you like gives you a ton of potential.

Putting your hobbies together with purposeful changes in your home makes the whole process that much better. You may not always be able to find a way to incorporate your favorite skill together with your next home project, but then again you may find an unexpected way to! You may also find it helpful to search Pinterest or google for ideas.

Give yourself GRACE

Finally, please be kind to yourself as you work on creating your home. I say this only because in the midst of how fun our projects can be, we may put a lot of pressure on ourselves to make our home the way we want it. Not just pretty, but loving and cheerful.

Please don’t compare yourself unnecessarily with any other homemaker if it will only lead to discouragement. You are the best person to make your home cozy and refreshing for your family, and although it may take work and careful consideration, the fruit of those labors will be so worth it over time.

Tying it all together(plus a gift for you)

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So be encouraged dear friend, take stock of where you want your home to be, and then see if you can make the process doubly rewarding by including some of your own unique talents. It’s worth it!

Keep the crafting delightful,


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