Simple Crochet Belt Pattern-Free Pattern + Video

This Super Easy Pattern Creates a Crochet Belt that is Both Practical and Versatile to Wear

In the world of easy crochet wearables, there are things we tend to come back to over and over again. Things like scarves and cowls, all-in-one slippers, and easy beanies are all fitting examples.

The only problem is that sometimes it’s nice to have something…different. Occasionally, it’s nice to have a project that’s not only wearable when it’s finished and easy to think about, but that is at least a little refreshing.

If you’d like a very easy, very practical crochet project that you still get to wear and show off, this crochet belt is a perfect thing to try.

crochet belt rolled up

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About The Simple Crochet Belt

While my pattern is made to create a very specific size of belt, the basic principle can be used for any size. You’ll see very quickly that by simply changing the size of belt buckle you choose(see below), adjusting your stitch count, and making your main piece or shorter, you can really create a basic belt.

The only thing that will really make a difference with this project is having straight edges. If you are still very new to crochet or just struggle with keeping your edges straight, or keeping consistent stitches, then this belt may take a little longer to crochet.

Of course, you can practice keeping straight edges before actually starting on the belt, but you don’t have to. This belt design is so simple that it’s very easy to get it started, work on a section, and simply take certain rows back out if you find they aren’t staying consistent.

Materials Needed

  • Size E4(3.5mm) hook
  • Approximately 60 yards of worsted weight yarn (see notes below)
  • 1-1.5″ belt buckle
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry needle(not crucial, but very useful for weaving in ends)

Notes on Yarn

When it comes to choosing yarn for your own belt, I highly suggest choosing a nice smooth yarn that is not going to fray or pill easily. This will increase the durability and wear of your finished project. In addition, I think natural fibers are generally going to be a better choice.

For my own belt that you see in the pictures, I used a 100% silk yarn that was already in my stash. It’s actually fairly old and the labels don’t include any modern gauge recommendations (the gauge for this belt is at the beginning of the pattern, so that you can match it).

One comparable yarn that you can use for this belt is Lion Brand’s 24/7 Cotton, which I was able to compare with my silk. Since the cotton in this yarn is mercerized, it has a little bit of shine and is very smooth. It also matches the gauge for this pattern without a lot of effort. And finally, 24/7 Cotton comes in a wide range of colors, including a rich brown (the color “cafe au lait”) that you can choose if you want a similar look.

You can check out 24/7 Cotton by Lion Brand HERE.

Skill Level

One of the best things about this project is that it’s very beginner-friendly.

Short rows, very simple directions, and the use of one basic stitch make this a project that anyone can tackle.

Messy Bun Hat Crochet Pattern Featured Image

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Abbreviations Used

  • ch: Chain
  • sc: Single crochet
  • sc2tog: Single crochet 2 together
  • ss: Slip stitch

Crochet Belt Free Pattern Directions

You can watch a whole tutorial on making this project below. Or feel free to read along with the written directions.

Crochet brown belt

Prefer the PDF Version?

Grab the ad-free, printable PDF pattern. 

You can view it on your computer, phone or tablet or download and print it at home.

Setup Row:

To get your belt started, sc 6 around the belt buckle. With a belt prong in the middle, this means three stitches should go on each side of the prong. Ch1 and turn.

Rows 1-128: sc6. Ch1 and turn.

Tapered End

Row 129: sc2tog, sc2, sc2tog. Ch1 and turn.
Rows 130-187: sc4. Ch1 and turn(after your last row, simply bind off.)

Belt Loop

Ch5 Row 1: skip the first ch and sc4. Ch1 and turn.

Rows2-18: sc4. Ch1 and turn. Ss ends together around the belt.


Weave in your ends with a tapestry needle. To keep the belt loop in one place you can put a very small stitch in the very top and bottom of the loop where it sits on the belt. This will also keep it from coming off.

Crochet Belt Video Tutorial

Pattern Download

The Simple Crochet Belt is also available as a pdf download as a part of the Crochet Makers Vault Membership. This is where I stash ALL of my patterns so that members can easily browse them and make whatever you want! Some content is also exclusive and can ONLY be found there.

Final Thoughts

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Enjoy This Crochet Belt Pattern to Create Your Own Easy-to-Make Accessory!

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