The Holly Crochet Bonnet (Free Pattern and Download)

The final “Holly” design is this adorable bobbled bonnet, perfect for Baby’s first Christmas!

After bringing you the Holly Headband/Earwarmer and the matching Holly Boot Cuffs, I wanted to round out this design concept with a project for the little ones. Hence, the Holly Bonnet is my version of a crochet bonnet that will match the other “Holly” designs using the waistcoat stitch and easy, bubbly bobbles.

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About this Pattern

Skill Level

The Holly Bonnet (and the other Holly designs) are what I would call intermediate patterns. In the case of the bonnet, I will use this term due to the shaping involved, the ties, and the multiple bonnet rows(keeping the bobbles lined up properly is pretty important).

However, don’t let the intermediate label scare you off! I think that if you’re an ambitious crocheter who tends to pick up new stitches pretty quickly, then you could certainly make this bonnet even with limited prior experience(everyone learns somehow!) If you at least know single crochet and can grasp the shaping concepts, then I think you’ll do fine learning the rest.


The pattern for this bonnet is currently only offered in one size, which is somewhere in the newborn/0-3month range. This makes it perfect for a baby’s first Christmas or for a photo shoot, and you can make it in any color for any time of the year.

Of course, if you’ve been crocheting for awhile you might be able to adjust this pattern for larger sizes. If I get enough requests for it, I will add more sizes here!

Stitches used

The main stitch used in all of the Holly designs is the Waistcoat Stitch, which gives them the knit-like appearance and also makes this little bonnet particularly warm and smooth. Waistcoat Stitch is basically a modified single crochet, and really not that difficult to learn if you’ve never tried it before. In fact, you can learn with my crochet Waistcoat Stitch tutorial here

To match the other Holly designs and add some fun to this pattern, I’ve added plenty of accent bobbles. The way I work these bobbles is very simple and explained in the project directions. However, there are several ways to make bobbles or clusters in crochet, and you are welcome to try this project and substitute the bobbles with your favorite method. 

Yarn Choice

Like the first two Holly Designs, the Holly Bonnet has been designed using Paton’s Classic Wool . This yarn is one of the only 100% wools that I actually see consistently in “mainstream” arts and craft stores, and the festive red version is perfect for the holidays.

With that being said, I know that some wools probably won’t suit all babies. If you don’t like the idea of using wool or just want to stay on the safe side, any other type of yarn can be used instead. Just make sure that you choose something very close in weight(thickness) to the Paton’s classic wool. 

So with all that said, below you’ll find the full pattern for these boot cuffs. As I mentioned, the same pattern is also available for download.

Crochet baby bonnet free pattern

The Holly Bonnet Pattern


  • G hook
  • Up to 65 yards Aran/patons wool
  • Scissors and tapestry needle(for weaving in ends)



Ch 36

Row 1: sc into second chain from hook and across row(35 sts). Chain 1 and turn.

Row 2: *waistcoat stitch for 3 stitches, hdc4tog to make a bobble. * repeat 7x for a total of 8 bobbles/repeats. Waistcoat for 3 stitches.

Row 3-5: waistcoat stitch across(35 stitches). ch 1 and turn.

Note: for stitches right above the bobbles here and in other rows, I simply work a tight sc.

Row 6: waistcoat stitch 1. *Hdc4tog to make a bobble, waistcoat stitch for 3 stitches* repeat 8 times for 9 repeats/bobbles total. Waistcoat stitch 1.

Rows 7-9: (same as rows 3-5) waistcoat stitch across(35 stitches).

Row 10: (repeating row 2) *waistcoat stitch for 3 stitches, hdc4tog to make a bobble. * repeat 7x for a total of 8 bobbles/repeats. Waistcoat for 3 stitches. Chain 1 and turn.

Rows 11-14: waistcoat stitch in every stitch. Chain 1 and turn. (35 sts)

Row 15: *waistcoat stitch 1, waistcoat stitch 2 tog* repeat across row to the last stitch. Waistcoat stitch one. (24 sts) Chain 1 and turn.

Note: working the waistcoat stitch 2tog is the same as sc2tog, but the hook is just inserted like waistcoat stitches.

Row 16: waistcoat stitch across(24 sts). Ch1 and turn

Row 17: * waistcoat stitch 1, waistcoat stitch 2 tog* repeat across row(16 stitches).Ch1 and turn.

Row 19: * waistcoat stitch 1, waistcoat stitch 2 tog* repeat across row to last stitch. Waistcoat stitch 1 (11 stitches). Ch1 and turn

Row 20: waistcoat stitch across(11 sts).

Seaming up

at the end of row 20, fold bonnet in half with the right side facing inwards, using the yarn right where you already are and with the bonnet already folded, slip stitch the remaining stitches together to make a short seam. Finish by cutting yarn and doing one last right ss.

Crocheting the ties

For each bonnet tie, start at a corner and chain 25.

In the second chain from the hook, hdc4tog. Then, ss in each stitch back to the bonnet and finish off. This creates a cute bobble at the end of each tie.

Now, simply weave in the ends and enjoy the adorable finished project!

Conclusion and Free Download

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Keep the crafting delightful!


The Holly Bonnet is a perfect first bonnet with fun bobbles, an easy pattern, and a cozy, thickly stitched design

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