Lacy Dogwood Blossom (A free crochet pattern for Easter)

It is so special to whip up a special project for any holiday or significant event. The care and attention you spend on a designated creation can really become a significant part of celebrating. But, sometimes preparing for big events and holidays means there’s just not enough time to work on something elaborate. Thankfully, small and quick projects can be very special too, and I’m excited to share with you a special but easily done pattern to celebrate spring and Easter. 

Crochet Dogwood Flower

This crochet dogwood blossom came about as I saw our dogwood trees starting to bud here in the south and thought about how dogwood blooms go with the celebration of Easter here. There are certain symbolisms between the significance of Easter that have come to be associated with the appearance of a Dogwood bloom. Beyond that, the flowers are just beautiful marks of spring as everything is bursting forth in hopeful beauty. 

To make the dogwood flower, this pattern starts with a magic loop and works up after just two rounds of crochet. The technique for making each petal with a series of long stitches came to me as I looked at how ridged the real petals were on the real blooms. This also accomplished my goal of making a version of a dogwood bloom that is quick and relatively easy, Each bloom can be made in about twenty minutes with very little yarn. Making the first round in a yellow or brownish color makes them look more realistic. 

To make my example, I used Patons “Grace” yarn in white, and for my flower with a yellow center I am actually just using a few strands of embroidery thread. Feel free to be creative! 

So without further explanation, here is your special last-minute dogwood flower:  

About the Lacy Dogwood Flower Crochet Pattern.


-Up to 7 yards of light fingering yarn total

-Up to 1 yard of a contrasting color for the center(like yellow or brown) if desired. 

-E4/3.5mm hook

Crochet Pattern Directions

To begin: 

With center color(if using) make a magic loop. 

Round 1: *ch 6, ss into magic loop. Ch 4, ss into magic loop* repeat 3x for a total of 8 loops. Ss into the bottom of first loop and cinch magic loop tightly closed. 

Change to your main color if you have not been using it. 

Round 2: going behind first ch 6 space, ss into the first ch 4 loop. Ch 6. Qtr 5 into the same ch 4 loop. Ch 6 and ss into the same ch 4 loop to finish the first petal. 

Go behind the next ch6 space, and ss into next ch 4 space. 

(Now we will make this petal the same as the other with one change-the middle stitch will be a tr instead of a qtr) 

(Ch 6. Qt 2. Tr. Qt 2. Ch 6) all into the same ch 4 space to make the second petal. 

Continue around by making one more rounded petal and then one more petal with the tr in the middle. Finish with the final ss. 

For anyone interested in creating their own project from this pattern (or in making the Dogwood Top that’s based on this flower), you can access the pdf by joining my Crochet Maker’s Vault. In this subscription, members get ongoing access to ALL of my pattern downloads, as well as video tutorials, early releases, and priority support. For more details, you can check out the Vault page here.


I’ve really enjoyed seeing how others make this flower. Below are some lovely examples:

Tying it all together

Whether you find it as a last-minute easter decoration or simply as a lovely handmade bloom, I hope you enjoy making this flower. 

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Keep the crafting delightful! 


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