Crochet Jar Cover Luminary: Free Pattern

This Cover Turns any quart-sized jar into a lacy luminary and works up with just a few textured rows.

Normal glass jars are such an easy way to display candles and make them a bit safer to have burning around the house. Today, I’m sharing a pattern that can be quickly made to dress up a DIY “luminary” with a simple crochet cover!  

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About This Project

While crochet jar covers such as this one can be made in any size, this design is specifically for quart-sized mason jars. While similar jars will work as well, quart-sized mason jars are pretty standard and easy to find. 

Despite being common, mason jars are popular for decor, especially for holding candles. Crocheting a lacy cover can provide interest without painting or permanently altering your jars. 

This luminary project is also a part of the 2020 Crochet Spree series. If you happen to be discovering it while the Spree is still going from November 27th to December 24th, 2020, be sure to enter the giveaway below! You can also see more details about the spree on this page.

Materials Needed

To crochet one of these jar covers, you’ll need: 

  • G/4.00mm hook
  • 38 yards of fine weight to light worsted weight yarn. 
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry needle(useful for weaving in ends
  • A quart-sized mason jar

Above it’s noted that you could use either fine or light worsted weight yarn, only because there seems to be some overlap in the yarns that I’ve seen in these two categories. The yarn for my luminary is Cotton Fair from Premier Yarns. It’s labeled as a #2/fine weight but really seemed closer to a light worsted weight to me. In the pattern download, you can see and test the gauge for yourself to make sure that your choice of yarn will give you a final project that fits on your jar. 

Free Pattern Download

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Crocheting a jar cover to make a candle luminary is an easy way to upcycle and create a sweet centerpiece. 

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