Crochet a Cute Spring Mushroom

Today’s Project is a sweet little crochet mushroom Applique that can be added to any project you want

Hello fellow crocheters! Today, it’s my pleasure to bring you a new little SPRING design that has me personally excited for the warmer weather, new growth, and everything that comes with that. This crochet mushroom is a quick(only 15-20 minutes) and flat little applique that can be added to pretty much any design.

Below, you can see all the relevant details for this pattern and follow along with the written directions. I hope you enjoy! 

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About This Project

As mentioned above, this mushroom applique design is intended as a cute add-on that you can put on garments, accessories, decor, and pretty much any pattern or project. The finished mushroom is 2.5” across and also 2.5” tall in the given yarn weight. If needed, you could certainly try using a different type of yarn to suit your project, and the size would be proportionately bigger or smaller. 


While it’s not critical, the gauge of this pattern 13 stitches and 6 rows per 4×4” square.

Materials Needed

  •  3 yards of worsted yarn in mushroom color. (Paintbox cotton aran in color “vintage pink” is shown)
  • 2 yard of worsted yarn in dot/stump color (Paintbox recycled cotton in color “string” is shown.)
  • Size G/4.00mm hook.
  • scissors

Pattern Notes

  • This pattern is written using US terms.
  • Turning chains do not count as stitches
  • Pattern repeats are shown in with asterisks
  • When crocheting mushroom, carry colors using tapestry crochet technique

Abbreviations Used

  • BO – make a bobble (sc3, then remove hook from the loop. Carefully insert hook behind the first sc, pick up the dropped loop, and pull it through. Cinch tight.)
  • CH – chain (yarn over, pull loop through)
  • HDC – half double crochet
  • SC-single crochet(insert hook, yarn over, draw up a loop, yarn over, and draw through two loops)

SKill Level

While this is a very quick project, it may be considered more of an intermediate project. This is mainly due to the small bobbles used and the way that the yarn is carried across the rows. Below, you can follow the written directions for this pattern, but if you’d like more help there is also a downloadable pdf with step-by-step pictures and video tutorial available as part of my Crochet Maker’s Vault. 

pinterest image for the crochet mushroom applique

Crochet Mushroom Pattern Directions

Crochet Mushroom

In mushroom color, ch2

Row 1: In the 2nd ch from the hook(the very first ch), sc5. (5sts)

Ch1 and turn.

Row 2: sc in first st. *Switch to dot color and BO. Switch back to mushroom color and ch1, sc.* 2x (7sts)

Ch2 and turn. 

Row 3: In mushroom color(carrying dot color along the whole row) hdc in first st, in the ch-space, in the top of the bobble, in the next stitch, the next ch-space, and the top of the next bobble, and twice in the final stitch. (8sts)

Ch1 and turn.

Row 4: sc in first st. *Switch to dot color and BO. Switch back to mushroom color and ch1, sc.* repeat once. sc (11sts)

Ch2 and turn. 

Row 5: In mushroom color, hdc in the first 2sts, in the ch-space, in the top of the bobble *hdc in the next stitch, the next ch-space, and the top of the next bobble* 2x and twice in the final stitch. (12sts)

Bind off

Mushrooom Stump

Row 1: Using your dot/stump color, skip 4sts along the mushroom bottom, (shown in the picture below) then sc into the 4sts in the middle. Turn

Row 2: sc4, turn

Row 3: sc4. 

Bind off. 

Weave in ends, and block if desired. Enjoy! 

Flatlay image of a small pink and white crochet mushroom

Final Thoughts

Don’t forget that if you’d like a bit more help with this project, you can acess the full video tutorial and pdf download by becoming a member of my Crochet Maker’s Vault. There, you can browse and download all of my patterns in one place for easy creating.

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The crochet mushroom applique is a quick 15 minute project that is perfect for adding to spring designs 

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