Quick Bobbled Crochet Stool Cover- Free Pattern

This Crochet Stool Cover works up quickly, using bulky yarn and just a few rounds of simple stitches. 

Today, we’re here for a quick and satisfying home decor piece. This bobbled crochet cover is perfect for adding a pop of color to a basic seat in your home, while also adding a little padding. 

In addition to turning out really cute, this design really exceeded my original goals. It is easily adaptable, fast to make, and durable enough to stay put through a lot of use(in my case, this means a toddler has climbed over it repeatedly!). As a bonus, this cover is quite comfortable even on a stool that’s not padded. 

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Below, you can keep reading to find the basic pattern for this design as well of plenty of additional information. 

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About This Project


The gauge of this project is 9 stitches and 5 rows to make a 4×4” square. Since about ninety percent of the bobbled stool cover is done in half-double crochet stitches, this is also what you will use to work up your gauge swatch(for some help and guidance with your gauge, check out this post all about understanding gauge). 


I originally made this design to fit a very thin, metal-topped folding stool, with a seat that measures just over 12” across. Using a stretchy material like this t-shirt yarn from paintbox, the exact size is pretty forgiving. If you already have a stool that you want to make this for and it’s slightly above or below 12” in diameter on the top, this pattern can 

If the stool that you want to cover is already padded or thicker overall, it’s easy to add extra depth to this design. In the pattern I let you know exactly where to do that, and even with those added rounds the whole project will still work up very quickly. Just keep in mind that a little extra yarn will be needed if you are covering a thicker stool top. 

Materials Needed

To crochet this bobbled cover, you will need the following: 

  • 80-90 yards of super bulky yarn, such as this t-shirt yarn from Paintbox. (I’m using mint green)
  • A 15mm hook 
  • Scissors

SKill Level

The Quick Bobbled Stool Cover is something I would consider a beginner pattern, because the stitches are so simple. 

Half double crochet is used for probably over 90% of the whole pattern. Getting started can be done using only chain stitches if you need to(though I do highly recommend the magic circle if you can make it work). Finally, if you are at all familiar with how to work a double crochet stitch already, then learning to work the bobbles in this pattern will probably feel like just one step beyond that. 

The most advanced concepts in this pattern are working in the round, and working dc3tog stitches(double crochet three together). With that said, the video provided below should be a great help in both of those areas for anyone that needs it. If you happen to be using a t-shirt yarn similar to the Paintbox recycled cotton that you see in my version, I think you’ll find that it’s very forgiving for covering imperfections as well. 

The only other thing that should be mentioned here is that while this is a straightforward pattern, it may be a bit hard on the hands of some crocheters. Personally, I found that working the t-shirt yarn in this gauge was just a little more work than usual. This is probably due to dealing with the stretch of this type of yarn while trying to create a nice solid result without a lot of gaps. Feel free to break this quick project up into small crochet sessions if you need to! 

Variation Ideas

The fun and quick nature of this design lends itself to plenty of personalized details. Obviously all sorts of other bright colors could be used, as well as calming neutrals. But, you could also choose to crochet different rounds of this design in different colors/yarns for some varied and eye-catching results. Variegated yarn would be a neat choice, too! 

Another idea, that I almost did myself, is to add tassels around the bottom edge of the cover so that they hang down around the stool itself. If you like the boho look, this would be a perfect design to do that with. Let me know if you decide to give it a try! 

Video Tutorial

If you find that you would like to see a step-by-step tutorial of me going through this pattern with you, consider enrolling in a vault membership, where I have a full-length video going through all the rounds and showing you my finished project. You can also access the pattern downloads and other exclusive perks for ALL of my patterns!

You can check out the Vault HERE.

Crochet Stool Cover Directions

Setup round:  magic circle OR 

ch4, ss in your first ch to create a ring. This is what you will work your stitches into for round 1. 

Round 1: ch1. Hdc10. ss in the top of your first hdc to close (10 sts). 

Round 2: ch1. Hdc2 into every stitch. ss in the top of your first hdc to close (20 sts)

Round 3: ch1 *hdc, hdc2 in one stitch* repeat around the entire round. ss in the top of your first hdc to close (30 sts). 

Round 4: ch1 *hdc2, hdc2 in one stitch* repeat around the entire round. ss in the top of your first hdc to close (40 sts). 

Round 5: ch1 *hdc3, dc3tog* repeat around the entire round. ss in the top of your first dc to close (40 sts). 

Note: if you yo and close your dc3tog before moving on, this will make the tops of the bobbles have two “stitches” to work into”. This is how we jump from 40sts in round 5 to 60 sts in round 6

Round 6: ch1. hdc, hdc2 in one stitch(should be right in-between two bobbles(dc3tog from round 5. *hdc4, hdc2 in one stitch* repeat 8x(9x total). Hdc3, ss in the top of your first hdc to close. (60sts)

Round 7: ch1 *dc3tog, hdc5* repeat around the entire round. ss in the top of your first dc3tog to close (60 sts) 

Round 8:  ch1 hdc 60sts total and ss to close. To do this, hdc 6 in between each bobble, and skip the “extra” stitch at the top of each bobble. (60sts)

For thicker/padded stools, add extra rows as needed that start with a ch1, hdc in the top of every stitch, and then ss in the top of your first hdc to close(60sts). 

Round 9: ch1, *hdc, ch1 and skip 2sts* repeat around the round and ss in the top of your first hdc to close (40 sts)  

(The last round decreases quite a bit, and this is what keeps your cover on the seat!)

Drawstring(optional): If you need or want some extra security to keep your stool cover in place, simply use a bit more of your yarn(either plain or worked into a chain or some other kind of cord) and weave it in and out of the chain spaces from round 9. Once your stool cover is in place, this drawstring can be tightened until you are satisfied with the result.

Final Thoughts

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This has been an extremely fun project to put together for you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Keep the Crafting Delightful!


The Quick Bobbled Stool Cover is a fast and satisfying way to freshen up a seat in your home, and possibly add a pop of color! 

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