Twine Scrubbie Glove (for the kitchen or bath)

This scrubbie glove project is made with extra-scrubbie twine to really get things done!

I see a lot of patterns for washcloths/dishcloths, crochet scrubbies, and soap sacks. As cute as they are, most of the cotton yarns/patterns are actually softer than I want for those purposes some of the time.

Since I’m human who scorches pots on a regular basis, I would like to have something that approaches the scrubbing power of steel wool. And then as it happens, I usually appreciate something almost as “exfoliating” as a bathroom scrubbie as well.

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So for these reasons, I’ve never gotten much in to crocheting the little round scrubbies that I’ve seen for dishes or bath use. Washcloths are still a great project, I would think, but these just aren’t for me.

But then, one day while I was on Pinterest I came across a soap sack or something done in twine. That piqued my interest right away.

And then the more I thought about it, the more it seemed like twine would be the perfect material for a really scrubbie finished product. After playing around with the idea, I can confirm that it really works!

Materials to Use

In developing this pattern, I used two different kinds of twine. The first was a softer craft twine that I think I probably got at a dollar store way back. Then when I needed more, my sweet husband actually picked up a large roll of twine for me that turned out to be more of a heavy-duty, weight-bearing product from the hardware store. Both options worked great, although the first kind was just a little bit easier to work up.

Any twine you can find that is about as thick as worsted yarn should work perfectly fine to make these mini scrubbie gloves. Once I got going, each one only took about thirty minutes to make, so it’s a nice quick project, too.

Pinterest twine scrubbie image

Uses and benefits of this project

I made this twine scrubbie worked in rather tight stitches and rather fitted to the hand. The result is that you have a lot of control using it. It has also proven to be very durable and long-lasting so far.

Here’s how this little project is performing in the two different areas I had in mind for it:

In the Kitchen

In the kitchen, my twine scrubbie was put to the test on a scorched pan that I think had been some overcooked eggs. The glove shape allowed me to really get into the edges of the pan, and get everything off in very little time.

I also used the scrubbie on my cast iron skillet the morning after doing some pork chops. Again, it worked about as well as steel wool, without being hard on my hands! After a few minutes of scrubbing my skillet was done and I still felt up for doing the rest of the dishes. Woohoo!

Even after cleaning up after those foods, which can be pretty messy, my crochet scrubbie rinsed out just fine. There were no nasty trapped “leftovers” like I can get sometimes with store-bought scrubbing tools.

In all, I’m extremely satisfied with this project as it works in the kitchen, and I’m definitely going to keep using it.

But, I was still wondering if this would be a suitable tool to use for myself. I made a new scrubbie to test it out.

In the Bathroom

Using a second scrubbie, I also tried out this idea in the bathroom as a body exfoliator. After hearing how well it can scour burned pans, I’m sure it comes as no surprise that it can definitely exfoliate as well.

twine scrubbie with sink

I would certainly recommend that you do not use this on your face(I didn’t even try). But, as a general body exfoliator it works really well as long as you don’t overdo it. Put another way, it doesn’t take a lot of pressure to get good results on most areas. However, the twine is still strong enough to smooth down rougher areas thoroughly, like elbows and knees.

So with that being said, I personally think this crochet scrubbie concept is a keeper for personal use as well. Just be gentle in the beginning and see how it works for you.

Final Encouragement(plus your pattern)

For a humble little project like a scrubbie, this project is pretty satisfying to make because it’s just so useful. I plan to make a couple more to use for different cleaning jobs or even to give as gifts.

If you’d like your own copy of this pattern to see exactly how I worked this up, you can get your own to download by filling out the form below:

Keep the crafting delightful!


As a quick crochet project, this scrubbie glove from twine is just about as practical as you can get.

pinterest scrubbie image
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