30-Minute Crochet Shower Scrubbie or Dish Scrubbie | Free Pattern

The following pattern can be used to make a quick, and very easy scrubbie that you can use either in the kitchen or as an exfoliating shower scrubbie for yourself. What’s better you can make several of these with just one skein of the ultra-scrubbie yarn.

Have you ever wanted a quick, easy crochet project that would also be truly useful to have once you’re done with it? If so, today’s free pattern is for you! These little crochet scrubbies are perfect for washing dishes or for washing up yourself. Plus, since the pattern is easy to remember you can easily go from making just one, to making a whole set of them for around the house.

green crochet scrubbie with soap and wooden holder

With just a few stitches and no complicated techniques, this dish or shower/bath project is perfect beginners and any crocheters who’s like a casual make. Below, you can find the free pattern, a full video tutorial, and all of the other details needed to help make this project successful for you.

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About This Project

Even though this is a simple pattern, and perfect even for beginners, I like giving you as many details as possible!

Pattern Notes

  • This pattern is written using US terms.
  • Repeats are shown with **

Skill Level

As I mentioned above, this beginner scrubbie is wonderful as a beginner project. However, it might be especially helpful if you aren’t yet comfortable crocheting in rounds.

“Rounds” of crochet simply mean that each row of crochet stitches starts and ends in the same place. The beginner crochet scrubbie is one of many projects where you are actually using this method to create something that is circle-shaped. But, even if you are new to crocheting in the round, a scrubbie is the perfect type of project to get you started. It’s completely fine if you have a few scrubbies that are shaped a bit wonky!

Once you get comfortable with rounds, feel free to check out this messy bun beanie, which is another simple project that you can crochet in the round.

Materials Needed

To make one of these (crochet projects) for yourself, you will need the following:

  • 15 yards of red heart scrubby yarn
  • Size1/9/5.50mm hook

Some notes about the Scrubby Yarn from Red Heart

As you can probably guess, the Red Heart Scrubby Yarn was made precisely for projects like this one. It’s very sturdy, which means that it will be able to stand up to a lot of scrubbing. Plus, the yarn is also textured, so it will help you get a good grip on whatever you’re trying to scrub. The other great thing about this yarn is that it does in a wide variety of colors, allowing you to match your decor or theme with whatever hues work best for you.

And finally, it’s worth noting that this scrubby yarn isn’t actually cotton, but rather 100% polyester. The synthetic fibers give this yarn a somewhat “plastic” sort of feel, but that wasn’t particularly distracting.

In testing out my own scrubbies, I was really impressed not only with how well this yarn helped my scrubbie to scour pots and pans, but long it stayed fresh. Instead of the musty smell that so easily develops with cotton washcloths and scrubbies, this yarn seemed to keep my scrubbies from developing any kind of funk. This little detail was a very nice surprise and has made me want to do even more of these scrubbies than I originally planned.

In the bathroom, a good crochet scrubbie like this goes well with a relaxing home spa session or a shower routine for glowing skin. Using this scrubbie with something like this ginger detox bath recipe would feel luxurious indeed!


Each one of these scrubbies, when finished, measures about 4″ across. This makes for a good medium-sized pad that you can do quite a lot with. If you would like to make your scrubby a bit larger or smaller, you can easily do so by using a different size hook or by adding more rows onto your project (you can also leave off a round from the pattern if you’d like your scrubbie to be a little smaller.)


11 stitches by 6 rows of Hdc per 4×4” square.

Don’t worry-if you’ve never learned about gauge before and aren’t sure what it means, it’s completely fine to skip right to the directions and just practice making your own pumpkin. Or, you can also read up on gauge here if you decide that it’s time you understood what it’s all about.

Pattern Abbreviations

edit this list with stitch descriptions as needed:

  • CH – chain (yarn over, pull loop through)
  • BO – make a bobble (dc5, then remove hook from the loop. Carefuly insert hook behind the first dc, pick up the dropped loop, and pull it through. Cinch tight.)
  • HDC – half double crochet(yarn over, insert hook, yarn over, draw up a loop, yarn over, and draw through three loops)
  • SC – single crochet(insert hook, yarn over, draw up a loop, yarn over, and draw through two loops)
  • SS-slip stitch(insert hook, yarn over, draw up a loop through the work and through the loop on your hook)
  • ST/STS – stitch/stitches

How to Get this Pattern

There are two basic ways to get the basic scrubbie pattern:

  • Free version below: Follow along right here on the website and enjoy both the written directions and the video tutorial below.
  • Become a Vault Member: The Crochet Maker’s Vault is my exlusive membership for crocheters which allows you to access ALL of my patterns in one place.

For more details, you can check out the Vault page here.

Pattern Directions for the Crochet Dish/Shower Scrubbie

Start with a magic circle. Alternatively, you can ch 3 or 4 and ss to create a small hole. 

Row 1: ch2(does not count as a stitch). Hdc8 into the magic circle, then ss into the top of the first Hdc to close the round. (8sts)

Row 2: ch2. Hdc2in1 into every stitch. ss into the top of the first Hdc to close the round. (16sts)

Row 3: ch2 *hdc, hdc2in1* repeat for the entire round and ss into the top of the first Hdc to close the round.(24sts). 

Row 4: ch2 *hdc2, hdc2in1* repeat for the entire round and ss into the top of the first Hdc to close the round.(32sts). 

Row 5: ch2 *hdc3, hdc2in1* repeat for the entire round and ss into the top of the first Hdc to close the round.(40sts). 

Hanging loop(optional)

Hanging loop: chain 15 skip a ch, and sc into the 14 remaining chains. Join the end securely at the base of the loop. 

Weave in your ends and enjoy your finished project!

Video Tutorial for the Beginner Dish Scrubbie/ Crochet Shower Scrubbie

Use this tutorial to follow along with the scrubbie pattern above and make crocheting your own even easier!

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Final Thoughts

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Thank you for joining me today as we worked on this easy crochet scrubbie pattern. I hope you enjoyed it and that you’ll come back soon for more.

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