How to Crochet the Griddle Stitch

Crocheting the Griddle Stitch is an easy way to introduce a new texture into your work with a simple repeat that doesn’t require much attention.

The Griddle Stitch is something that I didn’t learn until fairly recently, but it has quickly become one of my favorite stitches. As a stitch that uses a very simple repeat(only two stitches) it is very easy to memorize. The very comfortable texture means that this stitch can be adapted for just about any type of solid project. In other words, it is a very all-purpose stitch to know. Here, we will go over how to crochet the griddle stitch with either an even or odd number of stitches.

Uses for the Griddle Stitch.

Since crocheting the Griddle Stitch creates a slightly more cushiony fabric than using just a basic stitch like single crochet, it is wonderful for using in clothing and blankets. Sweaters, scarves, throws, pillows, and baby items are all wonderful uses for this stitch. It is also featured in this set of modern coasters, which is a great project to create while learning the Griddle Stitch. With such an easy repeat of stitches, it is also an easy pattern to work into your own designs or existing patterns where you want to substitute the texture.

Coasters worked in the crochet griddle stitch.
The Griddle Stitch used in these contrasting coaster designs.

One other benefit to the griddle stitch is that it is very easy to tell if your stitch count starts to get off. The repeat is so easy to remember that getting off by a stitch is more noticeable right away because your row will not be ending with the right kind of stitch.

How to Crochet the Griddle Stitch

The Griddle stitch uses a repeat of alternating single crochet stitches and double crochet stitches. This plays out as a repeat of *sc, dc* or *dc, sc* just depending on what you would like to start with.

In addition to alternating across the row, these stitches also alternate from row to row. This just means that in every new row, each single crochet stitch should be working into the top of a double crochet stitch, and vice versa. This is what should always be true if you are trying to use the griddle stitch in your own design. To make this stitch a little easier to practice though, here is how to work it in either an even or an odd number of stitches, starting with a single crochet stitch either way.

Even number of Stitches

With an even number of stitches, the griddle stitch has a one-row repeat. This has made it my favorite way to work this stitch just because it is just about as easy as you can get.

Row 1: *sc, dc* Repeat across the row. Ch1 and turn

Odd Number of Stitches

While doing the Griddle Stitch needs a two-row repeat with an odd stitch number, it’s still pretty easy to get the hang of. This is how I demonstrate the griddle stitch in the video tutorial below.

Row 1: *sc, dc* Repeat across the row to the last stitch, sc. Ch1 and turn

Row 2: *dc, sc* Repeat across the row to the last stitch, dc. Ch1 and turn

Griddle Stitch Crochet Video Tutorial

Crocheting the Griddle Stitch Corner to Corner(C2C)

You can also do this stitch corner to corner!

Below, you’ll find can watch a step by step video tutorial on how to crochet Griddle Stitch corner-to-corner. If you listen closely, you may even here some baby sounds from my little helper!

This video shows the increasing and decreasing of this stitch in a small piece. I also show you how this stitch looks in two colors and a peek at a few blankets made with this technique. Enjoy!

Final Thoughts

Isn’t this stitch fantastic? Personally I can’t wait to think of new ways to use it in my wearable projects and blankets.

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Enjoy your time to be creative today!


For an all-purpose stitch that has a comfortable texture, try the crochet Griddle Stitch in your upcoming projects.

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