Helpful Youtube Videos for the Crochet Chain Stitch

Crochet Chain Stitch Youtube Videos

In my tutorial on how to crochet the chain stitch, I went through everything you would need to know in your very first crochet lesson. I explained what I call the three fundamental “movements” that you learn to crochet, and we went through two of them with the chain stitch. There were pictures for each step that I hope made the chain stitch very clear to you and easy to learn.

However, sometimes there is just no substitute for watching someone demonstrate a new skill in real time. This is certainly true for crochet, and while I don’t yet have my own video to offer you (hopefully that will change soon!), there are several excellent videos already available.

Below are four helpful Youtube videos I would recommend for beginners just learning to crochet the chain stitch. None of them are excessively long, and all of the videos are easy to see. Since each person explains the chain stitch a little differently, I hope that you’ll find one or more chain stitch videos here that can help you even more with learning this technique.

1. Yarnspirations

In this quick tutorial from Yarnspirations, a slip knot is created using just the fingers rather than wrapping the yarn around the hook. This may be the easier way for some and it is at least good to try both ways of starting with your slip knot. She also explains the difference between “working yarn” and “tail yarn” right away.

For just learning the chain stitch, you actually only need to watch the first half of the video. The second half is spent explaining how to continue with your first row of crochet depending on what stitch you are using. In my second crochet lesson, I show you how to get set up with something called the double crochet stitch, which I think is a good place to start if you’re a beginner.

How to Crochet the Chain Stitch Video from Yarnspirations

2. Sewrella

Sewrella’s actual demonstration of the chain stitch starts about one minute into her video. Before that, she suggests practicing for 10-15 minutes once you get the hang of the chain stitch. I think this is great advice not only for getting familiar with this stitch, but also for getting your “muscle memory” toned for future crochet skills as well.

I also noticed that Sewrella’s hand placement seemed very helpful for showing how to control tension with the left hand and control the position of your last stitch with your right index finger (assuming you are crocheting right handed, of course).

Chain Stitch Video from Sewrella

3. Patrones Valhalla

This video is voiced with a heavier accent that some may find a bit hard to understand. But, there are several things about this video that make it particularly valuable. For one thing, the speaker has provided an outline of his video that quickly shows everything he goes over. There is a slow motion segment that could really help beginners, as well as a few tips and tricks offered at the end.

However, the best part of this video is the actual chain stitch demonstration is very easy to see. If I were first starting out and learning to crochet, I would really appreciate this.

4. Blueprint

Almost a minute in to this video, the demonstrator shows you how to adjust the tightness of your slip knot. The same technique can be used to adjust any stitch in your chain, and I don’t think any of the other videos up to this point have taught this little part of doing the chain stitch.

She also gives very easy instructions for holding the working yarn for proper tension. This isn’t the only way the yarn could be held, of course, but it’s very nice to have that technique explained. Finally, this demonstration is also very easy to see as she explains how to turn the hook downwards as you are pulling the yarn through. Overall, I think this might be the most helpful video.

And there you go-several videos to help you really understand the crochet chain stitch and practice it. I’m excited for you to really nail this so you can move on to a few more stitches and creating actual projects with what you learn.

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