Jasmine Stitch Crochet Earwarmer-Free Pattern

This thick and cozy crochet headband uses the Jasmine Stitch with some eye-catching results! 

When it gets really, really chilly, there’s a trite saying that goes “It’s too cold for pretty”. Well, this project is here to prove that wrong! In fact, the Jasmine stitch crochet ear warmer is unique because the very nature of this stitch is what makes it both beautiful and exceptionally warm. Today, I’m excited to bring you this pattern in the hopes that it will give you a quick and very cozy result that you can proudly give away, or stay snuggled in yourself. 

About The Jasmine Stitch Headband

The Jasmine Stitch Crochet Headband is suitable for any adult who wants something striking and very warm at the same time. As an added bonus, the puffs in this stitch pattern also make it especially soft-just like the Jasmine Stitch Crochet Beanie.

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While hat sizing can be a bit of a challenge, this earwarmer fits most. Since it is, in fact, an earwarmer and not a full hat, the width does not need to be exact to sit right where you want it to. It is simply made wide enough to warmly cover the ears. 

The Jasmine Stitch is also by nature very stretchy. While the pattern download for this project includes a note about where you can increase/adjust your size, it should fit most ladies’ heads as written. 

Materials Needed

To make this headband for yourself, you’ll need: 

  • H/5mm hook 
  • Up to 60 yards of heavy worsted or aran weight yarn (my red earwarmer is made with wool so it’s extra cozy!)
  • Scissors 
  • Tapestry needle(very useful for weaving in ends). 

SKill Level

The Jasmine Stitch is the only stitch used in this pattern. While that keeps things simple, it may mean that you’ll need to spend some time getting comfortable with this stitch if you’ve never crocheted with it before. 

Basically, the Jasmine Stitch is a series of puff stitches worked in a specific order. One particular combination of these puff stitches is what gets repeated over and over and creates the “flower” pattern in the final product. If needed, you can see a full puff stitch tutorial here, and then try the Jasmine Stitch for yourself with this related tutorial(there are videos for both of these). 

Final Thoughts

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The Jasmine Stitch Crochet Headband Combines very simple construction with an eye-catching pattern, for some warm and unique results. 

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