The Crochet Mini-Course that will
help you take action!

Have you wanted to learn to crochet for awhile, but just haven’t gotten
around to it?

Or, maybe you’ve tried before and just didn’t have

This email challenge is for you!

I created this solely to help you finally learn the skills you need to actually finish your first project.

-With the learn to crochet challenge, I’ll show you step-by-step what you need to do each day and what skills you should practice.

-You’ll receive a video lesson as well as an organized overview that you can view and read when it works best for you.

-Best of all, this gentle introduction to crochet is totally free to sign up for.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Day 1

  • What the only things you need to learn crochet
  • The types of tools that will help you succeed

Day 2

  • Your first crochet stitch
  • How to count your stitches
  • Creating the foundation for your project

Day 3

  • Learn a second stitch
  • Give your project some substance

Day 4

  • More Practice with rows of crochet
  • Finish your project about halfway!

Day 5

  • FINISH your project!
  • Learn what to do when you cut the yarn


Bonus Lesson!

  • learn one more basic stitch
  • Add an optional border to your project

Now to give you just a bit of variety in what you make, you can choose to create either a washcloth or a scarf as your first project.

All of the lessons are done creating a washcloth, but a scarf is a very easy alternative.

If you’d like to join me for this challenge, sign up and receive the lesson for day one right away!

See you in the challenge!

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