Learning to Crochet Challenge Day 1: Gathering What You Need

Welcome to day one of the challenge! Today I’ll be going over the(very short) list of things you need and what to look for.

Here’s today’s challenge in a nutshell:

  • I highly recommend that you pick a simple yarn and a commonly available metal hook if you are trying crochet for the first time.
  • Today’s Goal: Get everything you need for this challenge in one place.

You can watch the video to see me go over all of my tips for picking the best supplies for your first project, and also see everything outlined below.

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A note about the project for this challenge:

Over the course of the next several days(almost a week actually) you have a choice of exactly what you make. I want you to end up with a project that you will use and enjoy. We will be working mostly in rows of a basic stitch. Following my videos in this challenge, you could easily make:

  • A washcloth: best suited for cotton and cotton blends of yarn. I am making a washcloth in the videos, so this may be the easiest thing to make
  • A dust cloth or pot trivet: If you still want to make something really quick but decide to choose an acrylic or other type of yarn, you may want to go with this option. The steps are all the same for a dust cloth as for a washcloth, but in other yarns it may just be better suited for different purposes.
  • A scarf: Finally, if you like the idea of making something you can wear and don’t mind planning to work a little longer for it, you can make a scarf! Basically, to make this project you can just follow along with me as I make a washcloth, and keep making your work longer. You can even decide last-minute to make the scarf depending on how easily you find this to go(just note that you will need more yarn to make a scarf than you will a wash cloth or dusting cloth. I go over this in the video.

Notes from Day One


You only need one or two skeins of yarn to get started crocheting and to complete this challenge.

Some types of yarns NOT to get

  • Very thin or very bulky yarns
  • Yarns that have a lot of variation in texture and/or color
  • Yarns that are overly plush, fluffy, furry/feathery, or very silky

Instead, opt for yarn(s) that are:

  • Solid in color and not too dark
  • Simply textured with a basic twist
  • Moderate in weight/thickness like aran/heavy worsted yarn or just “bulky” (not anything labeled “super bulky” quite yet.

I am using an aran yarn (labeled as a “4”) for this project. Although the yarn that I actually picked up has been discontinued, you can find a very similar yarn here from Lion Brand(it is actually 100% cotton and not a blend like the one you see in the video. In addition, you can find many good yarn options and other supplies from LoveCrafts.com, which is one of my favorite online sources.

If you know that you want to make a washcloth-sized project during this challenge, you only need to get one skein of yarn(if it is the common 3.5 oz/100g size, then this will be more than enough). Alternatively, if you think you may want to have the option of continuing more and crocheting a scarf, you will probably want to have about two skeins of yarn on hand.


When it comes to hooks, simple is also better. Unless you have arthritis, a history of carpal tunnel, or some other condition that makes it uncomfortable or difficult to grasp things, I don’t think it’s necessary to get hooks with ergonomic handles right away(but that is something to think about if you end up crocheting a lot!).

Simple metal hooks work very well. I personally do not like plastic hooks, but bamboo/wooden hooks may be another good option since yarn does not slide across them quite as easily. You may find that you have your own preference once you try.

I am using an H hook for this challenge. You may certainly get a set of hooks, but you only need one to get started. I would recommend you mainly try working with hooks in the medium size range until you get more comfortable with crochet- around the sizes of G-K(all hooks have a letter name as well as a name in millimeters that simply reflects the diameter of the hook.

Different yarns will have different recommended hook sizes for crocheting, but this is not a hard and fast rule. It may just be a good idea for you to double-check the suggested hook size for your yarn(most commonly available yarns will have this information right on the label.

Other Tools

There are only two other things that I would like you to have for this challenge, and the first is just a simple pair of scissors. Any scissors that you already have are perfectly adequate for cutting your yarn, as long as they can cut the yarn easily and be easily available for you to use when you need them.

The very last thinkg that I really recommend you have on hand is a tapestry needle. Although not strictly necessary, a tapestry needle(a needle with a large eye and usually with a blunt tip) is nice to have on hand for weaving in your ends.

Today’s Goal

As I mentioned at the beginning, all that I would like to see you do today is to make sure you have all of the 3-4 items mentioned in this video and post. I hope my recommendations help!

In Day 2, we will use our materials to work on our very first stitch. See you then!

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