Learning to Crochet Challenge Day 4: More Practice With Double Crochet

Today’s Challenge in a Nutshell:

  • Continuing to make rows of crochet is as simple as one or more chain stitches and turning your work.
  • Today’s goal: Get to the halfway point with your project( if doing the washcloth size) by crocheting about 5 more rows of double crochet.

Here’s the video for day four, with notes below. If you want to go straight into seeing how I start a new row, skip to about 3:20.

Notes From Day 4

After crocheting your first “real” row in double crochet stitches, today we will be doing more of the same thing. I think you’ll find though, that today will be easier since your stitches will be going into other stitches and not in to a thin chain. Since you practiced the double crochet stitch yesterday, today’s rows might even go faster for you.

Starting a new row

Instructions for the rest of your rows are pretty simple:

  • Right from where you ended your last row, chain one stitch.
  • Turn your work over(your hook should now be back at the right side)
  • Make a double crochet stitch right into the top of the last stitch from your previous row. It may look/feel like you are crocheting into the same place that your turning chain comes out of, and that’s okay. You will also notice that the tops of your previous stitches look just like a chain! Here are links for yesterday’s challenge and the other double crochet tutorial if you need to review.
  • Continue making one double crochet stitch into each stitch from your previous row. This means that you should end up with the same number of stitches (20 if you are following along with me exactly) in each row.

More about turning chains (totally optional reading)

Turning chains are not always just one chain stitch. In fact, some people would tell you to do two chain stitches with this project(feel free to try that and see the difference-you may prefer it).

Two chains are sometimes used because a double crochet stitch is about as tall as two chain stitches. In fact, other basic crochet stitches follow this pattern too. A single crochet stitch is about as tall as one chain, and a triple crochet, three chains. If you’d like to see an overview of all of that, you can take a look at this post.

Anyway, it makes sense to start each row with the same height as your stitches, right?

Well, yes, and it works fine. However, something we tend to want when we’re crocheting is nice, straight edges. And something that helps with getting neat edges is having just a bit of tension.

Doing just one chain gives you that little bit of “pull” in your edges. If you can also get to the point where your stitches are all lining up right and you have the same number in every row, then your edges should be straight. Is this the only way to get nice results? Absolutely not-it’s just the way that has worked very well for me.

Today’s Goal

So for today, work on crocheting additional rows of double crochet. I put the number 4 or 5 out there as a goal if you want to finish your washcloth tomorrow.

If you are on a roll, by all means keep going. If you are making a scarf, you certainly don’t need to stop at four or five rows because of course it will take you more than a few more days to finish something long enough. Just do what you can and try to do a bit each day so you keep progressing (with your project and with your skills).

Let me know where I can send your pattern!

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Let me know where I can send your pattern!