Learning to Crochet Challenge Day 5: More Practice and Progress

Today’s Challenge in a Nutshell

  • Your goal is to finish enough rows for your washcloth to be done!
  • If you are working on a scarf (or decide to today) just keep up the good work!
  • Tomorrow’s BONUS lesson will show you how to add an optional border to your project.

Notes from Day 5

Today’s video simply reminds you to keep doing rows of 20 double crochet stitches each. Remember your turning chain at the end of each one!

You will also see me demonstrating two ways of weaving in the ends of yarn that you are left with. Before that, you simply stop your crocheting by cutting your yarn after finishing your last row, doing a yarn over with the tail, and pulling it through the last loop on your hook. Give it a little tug, and you’re done!

Note: If you are thinking of trying the border that I’ll show you in the bonus lesson, you may not want to cut your yarn quite yet. You can go straight into working your border instead, and that will leave you with fewer ends to weave in(that’s a good thing in crochet!)

Weaving in your ends

Weaving in ends can be done with either your crochet hook or with a large needle.

If using your crochet hook, simply weave your crochet hook in and out of your stitches, then grab/yarn over with your yarn and draw it through.

The needle method uses basically the same idea, but you can be a little more precise and using the needle to actually go through yarn and not just in and out of stitches makes things a lot more secure. See more on this with this post.

With both methods, you can simply snip the remaining bits of yarn off even with your work when you are done.

Today’s Goal

Try to finish your washcloth today(at least the body of it) by working a handful of more rows. My washcloth used 11 rows total.

If doing a scarf, do as many rows as you want to or feel comfortable with, whenever you can, until you are satisfied with the length.

Let me know where I can send your pattern!

You'll have ideas for days! Let me know where I can send this:

Let me know where I can send your pattern!