How to Organize Your Yarn Stash – So that You Actually USE it

Getting the most out of your creative time comes easiest when things are organized. Here, I share my tips and how I got my yarn organized with an easy, time-saving system.

Usually when people think of yarn organization, they think of moving around the actual skeins/balls/cakes of yarn so that they are arranged in nice, neat rows either on shelves or in bins.

That Pinterest worthy image of beautifully stocked shelves is certainly appealing, but it can be hard to keep up.

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Instead, taking the time to be intentional about your yarn system can really make lasting change and make everything easier to use and enjoy!

Here, I’m doing the three parts of how to organize your yarn stash so that you can hopefully create those results for yourself. I’ve even included the very real-life video of me going through ALL of my own yarn.

These three parts include how you go through your yarn, how you can make yourself a reference system to save time, and different ways that you can arrange your yarn so that it will work the best for you (and not just look good).

So let’s start with your stash as it is right now, and see how it can best be organized so that you enjoy working with it!

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Going Through the Yarn

First, let’s look at the process of going through your yarn.

You don’t just want to have a stash of yarn that includes everything you’ve come across and just haven’t used yet. Instead, it’s better to think of your yarn stash as a well-curated collection that holds all kinds of potential for what you can make.

It should end up being something that you look forward to working with.

This means that whether you have a large amount of yarn or just a few skeins, it’s worth making sure that the yarn you have is the yarn you will actually use. In other words, don’t be afraid to thin out some yarn if you realize that it doesn’t actually fit in with the kind of project you like to make.

In the Easy Peasy System ebook, I talk about some specific questions that I like to ask myself whenever I am going through my yarn stash (they are actually great questions for decluttering in general).

Prefer to Purchase My Easy Peasy Yarn Pack?

It’s a framework for cataloging ALL Of the yarn you have into a central “database” using either a binder system or a card system.

The nice thing is that what works best for you may change over time. There’s no pressure to make “perfect” decisions about what yarn to keep and what to maybe pass on, because in my experience you become a better judge about that over time.

Lion Brand’s 12 Tips on How to Organize Your Yarn Stash is another great (and quick) read that actually talks about this too. Plus, they also point out some ways to sort your yarn like I talk more about below.

Okay, now that we’ve intentionally gone through our stash and feel good about everything we’re keeping, lets look at the benefits of putting together a quick reference system:

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How to Organize Your Yarn by Creating a Reference System

What do I mean by a reference system? Well, it’s just having a way to reference your yarn stash without actually looking at your yarn.

Why I created a yarn reference system

I wanted to create a yarn reference system for myself to save me time planning projects and deciding what types of yarn to purchase. Since I keep most of my yarn in boxes and bins, it made sense to create a solution that would keep me from constantly digging back into my stash every time I wanted to check the yardage, color, or any other detail about any yarn.

Instead, I wanted something more concise to look at that would give me that information.

And while I’ve seen digital yarn trackers and apps, this has proven to be something that I really want a physical copy of. This is why I created the yarn organization pack that I now use and share here.

I ended up using printables to catalog all my yarn. While this took a little time to set up, it has already started to save me time over and over, exactly the way I was hoping it would.

Since this has made stash-browsing and project planning so much easier, I’ve started calling this whole approach the Easy Peasy Yarn System.

Prefer to Purchase My Easy Peasy Yarn Pack?

It’s a framework for cataloging ALL Of the yarn you have into a central “database” using either a binder system or a card system.

About the Easy-Peasy System (AKA The Yarn Organization Printable Pack)

The Easy Peasy system are the specific printables that I created to organize my own stash, but they can (and have) work for anyone. By using whatever printables work best for you, the end result is a system that is convenient, where all of your information is distilled in one place.

I’m really happy with how this pack of resources turned out, and they have worked out wonderfully for me.

In addition to the printables, the Easy Peasy System includes an ebook full of tips and ideas to really make your stash work for you in the best possible way.

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Putting Yarn Away in a Way That Makes Sense

Finally, let’s look at some ways that we can put our yarn away so that we have a better chance of keeping it organized.

This includes storage solutions but also how we store our yarn and what habits we can choose to develop as well(spoiler alert: making it easy to put things away can be a huge part of your success).

How to Sort Your Yarn

There are plenty of options for how to sort your yarn, and trying different ways can help you find what works best for you. Color, Brand, Fiber, and Yarn weight are some popular things to sort by. If you have quite a bit of yarn, you may want to even sort by two ways(for example, sorting all of your yarn by color and then all the different colors by the yarn weights that you have).

If you do create a reference system, then it can be re-arranged and sorted even more easily. Choosing some kind of basic system for the yarn itself will just make it easier to label your boxes and find things quickly.

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Storage Solutions

And speaking of boxes, what is best for putting yarn away?

Well, if you have a lot of yarn and can store it somewhere out of the sun, then I would recommend clear plastic bins. Obviously, this can help by making it easier to see the yarn you are searching for. Clear bins are also recommended by Mama in a Stitch when she organized her yarn stash and did a room makeover.

I would also suggest that you stick to smaller containers for your yarn if larger ones are difficult for you to move around. If it’s hard to do, you won’t want to do it.

Currently, I have most of my yarn in one plastic trunk, which sits on the floor. This works for me because I can open it easily from the top and it is out in the open.

For anyone who needs to store yarn up on high shelves in bins, smaller ones will probably make a big difference.

Okay, now that we’ve gone over all of my steps, you can see me work through my own stash in this video:

Final Thoughts

After going through my yarn and applying my own system of printables, my yarn fits into one large plastic tote and one big basket. Even though it’s still not all perfectly displayed, I’m very happy with my system and the time it saves me. In fact, I’ve already gotten an extra project finished as a result of finding yarn when I went through my stash!

Take a look at the Easy Peasy System and see if it will work for you.

And if you would like to get one part of the Easy Peasy System for free, you can click below to get one of the most versatile printables, plus a list of ideas for how to use it. Don’t forget to pin it so that someone else can try, too!

Do you have any tips for how to organize your yarn stash and keep it that way? I would love to hear about them!

Keep the crafting delightful,


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