Become a Pattern Tester for Amelia Makes

If you’ve ever wondered what some of the steps are to getting a new pattern prepped and published, this page can help you learn part of the process. Pattern testing is a good idea for most crochet patterns.

Not only is pattern testing helpful for designers, it’s also a fantastic way for crocheters to learn new skills, gain experience, and learn about the publishing process. Getting patterns in advance is helpful as well.

Below, you can find a few common questions about how pattern testing is handled here at Amelia Makes, as well as a link to get on the list for testing calls.

What is pattern testing, and what does it involve? 

Pattern testing involves crocheting something from a new pattern to help a designer make sure that the pattern is complete, easy to follow, and as mistake-free as possible. This testing process makes a pattern better before it’s time for the pattern to be published. 

While working on a pattern, testers take notes on any issues they find, give the designer feedback and ask questions, and send pictures of their finished project. In return, testers have access to a pattern before it is published, and get a free copy of the final pattern.

What are the requirements for becoming a tester?

The main requirements for each pattern test are that testers:

  • Have the basic skills needed (learning some new things along the way is fine!)
  • Can meet the gauge given and use an appropriate yarn (refer to this resource if you need help with gauge)
  • Have the ability to provide clear, nice-looking photos of your finished project.
  • Can finish the test by the due date given(this will be different for each test). 

Can I become a tester even as a beginner? 

Even beginners are more than welcome to sign up as potential testers. Some projects will be suitable for beginners, while some will be a little more advanced.

Do I have to test every pattern? 

Absolutely not! There is absolutely no minimum or specific number of patterns that testers have to participate in for  a given period of time. Simply respond with your interest for the one(s) that you want to take on, and leave the rest. There will not always be the same number of testing calls each month anyway. 

What is the time commitment for each test? 

The time commitment for a test will depend on the size of each specific project. When a new testing call goes out, information and pictures will be given to help all testers determine how long a project will probably take you, and if you can comfortably finish before the testing due date. 

If I am chosen to test a pattern, do I have to use the exact same yarn that you use? 

Testers do NOT have to use the exact same yarn for completing a project, unless it’s specifically stated. The most important thing is to use a comparable yarn in the same weight, and being able to meet gauge with the yarn that you choose. 

Will I be compensated for testing? 

While testers are not currently paid for testing Amelia Makes patterns, links to your own platforms are gratefully included if it’s applicable. For example, if testers have their own website, social media account, or Ravelry profile, that link can be included when giving credit to testers for their pictures and other contributions. 

What kind of pictures should I take of my project? 

Being able to take good pictures of a test project is the skill that will set a tester apart more than probably anything else. While you don’t need to have any fancy equipment or an expensive camera on hand (a smartphone camera will probably do just fine). Being able to take clear photos on a simple background will make tester images as impactful as they can be. Including detail shots and photos from multiple angles is helpful as well. 

If you choose to sign up as a potential pattern tester, there will be a place to upload a few image examples of your own.

Here are some examples of good photos to show off a design:

How do I apply? 

To get started, simply fill out this form to get on the list of potential testers. That way, you can be notified when a new pattern is available for testing. If you decide that you do want to test a specific pattern, you will be able to let me know by responding to that particular testing call. 

Thank you so much for your interest in testing!

Let me know where I can send your pattern!

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Let me know where I can send your pattern!

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