Herringbone Bonnet


The Herringbone Bonnet is a classic crochet design for babies and toddlers. Made with a simple combination of stitches, the finished look is ridged with a subtle “herringbone” pattern. The square version is adorable with a pom pom, or you can also make the more traditional rounded shape. Two sizes are included for babies and toddlers 0-12 months and beyond.

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Introducing the Herringbone Bonnet!

I am so excited to be bringing you this design as the first premium product available from Amelia Makes. The Herringbone Bonnet is the result of many, many hours of work and refining and is my personal go-to design for baby gifts.

The Quick Stats:

  • Basic description: a fitted baby/toddler bonnet with a herringbone like pattern and fitted ribbing around the neck and face, with ties and the option for a pom pom.
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Materials needed: Aran yarn and two hook sizes(I9 and F5)
  • Sizes included: small(0-6months) and large(6-12+) months
  • Variations: Square(with instructions for attaching a pom pom) and rounded
  • This is a digital pattern only. After checkout the file(s) are available instantly for you to download

The Story:

The Herringbone Bonnet started when my own baby was just a few months old. Over several trials I developed it as a detailed crochet bonnet pattern with fit, comfort, and cuteness in mind. The goal was to create something really classic looking, with the option to add an ever-adorable, cheerful pom pom.

The Herringbone pattern itself came about as I was fiddling with different stitch combinations, and when I saw the effect, I decided to make bonnets with it over and over again. This pattern has been tested but should you need any support, I’ll be happy to answer any questions. I cannot wait to see the adorable bonnets you make!


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