How to Crochet the Puff Stitch(With Video Tutorial)

The Puff Stitch is it’s own unique technique in crochet, and it is also used as the basis of the beautiful Jasmine Stitch.

Learning how to crochet the Puff Stitch combines two enjoyable parts of crochet: texture and technique. Puffs do create a distinct, raised texture that can be used on their own or in combination with other stitches. In addition, I would personally say that this stitch could also be called a technique by himself, and not just a stitch, simply because of how the puffs are joined and from the fact that puffs create their own foundation (rather than relying on a long chain). It’s just a very interesting stitch visually and technically.

Here, we’ll be going over the puff stitch by itself in detail. You can also try the Jasmine Stitch as well, since it uses puffs exclusively to get a beautiful flower pattern.

Uses for the Puff Stitch

Using the Puff Stitch on it’s own

Made in a single chain, the puff stitch would be beautiful made into long necklaces or bracelets. I’ve also considered just working up long pieces of puff stitches and using them to tie presents. Sometimes puffs are used in a sort of V-pattern as well that creates a really pretty accent, but can also be used as the main stitch, such as in this puff stitch granny square.

As stated above, the puff stitch can also be made into the Jasmine Stitch with a very simple combination. Once you learn the steps of making a puff and closing it properly, learning the the Jasmine Stitch really only involves one additional step. Combining three puffs together in a certain way gives the Jasmine Stitch it’s beautiful floral look, and if you’d like to try it for yourself you can check out the full Jasmine Stitch tutorial here(coming soon).

Two other uses of the puff stitch shining pretty much on it’s own are the braided puff stitch design and making puff stitch flowers.

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Using the Puff Stitch with other crochet stitches

As an accent stitch, puffs work beautifully in all kinds of combinations. While different than a bobble, a puff creates a similar raised bump sort of texture. Stripes of puffs, scattered puffs, and puffs worked in “V’s” within a design are all popular and pretty applications using some puffs.

The best designs that I have seen so far for combining puff stitches in unique and beautiful ways come from Linda Skuja. You can see one wonderful example by looking at her Goldenrod Sweater.

How to Crochet the Puff Stitch Step-by-Step

So now that I hopefully have you itching to get your own puffs going, let’s look at how they’re made. Most of this stitch is created with loops of yarn, and is pretty easy. However, the steps needed to close each puff are rather specific, so you may need to spend more time on that. You’ll get it!

Creating the Puff Stitch

  1. To make a puff stitch, start by chaining two stitches.
  2. Now pull the yarn that is on your hook out, so that you have a loop of yarn about 1″ long right after your chains.
  3. *Yarn over, and insert your hook in the second chain from your hook(the first chain you made). Pull the yarn through so that all the loops of yarn are the same size(again, about an inch is good).* Repeat all of that 2 more times. You should end up with a total of seven loops on your hook.

Closing the Puff Stitch(and continuing)

Now it’s time to close the puff off and set yourself up for a smooth transition into the next one. This is where watching the video tutorial below will be especially helpful, but I will explain here as well.

  1. Start by yarning over one more time. Use a finger to keep this yarn over separate from the others by crooking the yarn with the top part of your finger. If right handed, this will most likely be the index finger of your left hand.
  2. Keeping that yarn separate, use your hook to draw the rest of that yarn through all of your other loops.
  3. Now, insert your hook under the yarn that you are holding with your finger. At this point you can move your finger because the hook should have the yarn by itself securely. This now means you have two loops on your hook-one from going under all those other loops, and the other from where your finger was holding.
  4. Yarn over and bring a loop/stitch from behind.
  5. Yarn over again and bring it through the two loops on your hook.
  6. Finally, yarn over one more time and chain one stitch.

Crochet Puff Stitch Tutorial Video

If you are able to watch the demonstration of all these steps below, I highly recommend it. It will probably make the written directions make a lot more sense!

Final Thoughts

Once you get comfortable making puff stitches, you’ll have all sorts of possibilities available for including them in your designs. I hope you enjoy this whimsical and squishy little stitch technique!

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Enjoy adding the crochet puff stitch to your skill set, and keep the crafting delightful!


The Puff Stitch uses many loops of yarn to bobble-like texture that can be used on it’s own or as part of a larger stitch pattern.

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