Ribbed Baby Booties (Free Crochet Pattern)

Hey there! Today I’m sharing a project that I’ve wanted to publish for a while now. Its a pattern for some soft and simple baby booties that are crocheted flat with an all-over ridged pattern. I developed these because I wanted something that could easily be worked on on the go(without a lot of shaping to keep track of and worked all in one piece, except for the ties), and I also liked the idea of keeping ribbing over the whole design instead of just at the cuffs. Using half double crochet stitches makes them work up pretty quickly, too. 

 This pattern calls for a yarn in a 4/“medium” weight, and a size H hook. I’m using Patons Classic Wool in the bright red color and worsted weight (you can find it available here).

I chose wool for extra cozy booties, and out of all the lovely colors this yarn comes in I picked the classic holly berry shade for my little one to sport during the holidays here. The   hook you see pictures is the only size H I currently have. I have no idea what brand it is, but it matters little.😊

This pattern includes both a small and large size, but in the pictures shown I am making the large size for my baby’s chunky feet. The two sizes will have finished sole length of approximately 3.5” and 5”, respectively. Wherever the directions differ the large size is in parentheses. 



hdc-half double crochet

ss-slip stitch


Set up: ch 14(20). 

Row 1: hdc into the third ch from hook. Hdc all the way across.

Row 2: turn your work. Ch 2 and hdc across the row, only in the back loops. This creates the ribbed pattern and it is what we will continue to do. 

Below you see see what your work should look like at the end of row. 

Repeat row two 8(12) times, for a total of 10(14) rows. Your work should measure 4.5”(6”) long. 

*Note: If your baby has really chunky legs you may want to add one extra row. I ended up doing this and if you count my rows in the picture below you’ll find I have 15 total. 

Good news! At this point most of your actual chrocheting is done.  

Next, you’re going to fold your work in half and use slip stitches to seam the edge most of the way.  Stop when you have 2”(2.5”) remaining.

At this point, your hook is in the middle of the top of where the foot will be(see above picture). To keep our ribbed pattern continuous, we want to get to one of the bottom edges before we continue. To accomplish this, use loose slip stitches to “walk” the yarn down either side of the toe opening. Basically, you are continuing in the same direction but not seaming the pieces together for the rest of the edge. The stitches need to be nice and loose so that the bootie will still be able to stretch here. 

Once at the edge of the work again, you can begin the toe portion. 

Ch 2 and have the work turned just like you did for all the other rows. This time however, work up to the seam and down the opposite side. If you’d like, you can add a little more shaping and space by hdc 3 in the same stitch in the middle of the top(right at the end of your seam). 

Below is a picture of the first row of of the toe portion in progress. 

Complete 1(2) more rows in the same fashion(but don’t increase in the middle again if you chose to do that on the first row). 

At this point the bootie should look like this: 

Now the toe just needs to be shaped and the bootie seamed up.

To decrease the toe, just do one more row and hdc 2 into 1 across however many stitches you have. If you end up with an odd number, it’s perfectly fine to work the last hdc on it’s own, but try to maintain working in the back loops only through this last row just as you’ve been doing. 

it really looks like a baby bootie now, doesn’t it?! At this point you can seam up the toe and bottom(I used slip stitches as well to do this and only cut the yarn when the seaming was done) 

Weave in the yarn ends. Turn the bootie right side out and see what it looks like with the cuff folded over. 

To make a tie, ch 60(or any amount of stitches that you find makes the tie long enough) and ss back down your chain. Once you weave the tie into the bootie(the crochet hook makes this much easier) you’re done! 

And once you finish two, you’ve got a lovely gift for any baby in your life(yes, that’s my own chunky legged little one modeling his for me❤️).

Let me know what you think in the comments! If you make a pair of these, I’d absolutely love to see pictures.

Keep the crafting delightful!


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