Free and Easy Crochet Soap Sack Pattern

The Straightforward Soap Sack is a beginner-friendly crochet soap sack pattern that uses only one stitch and fits most standard soap bars.

The soap sack is a sort of interesting invention, but it’s useful for several different reasons. Here, you can download a free and east crochet soap sack pattern that only uses one stitch and that can be made in as little as fifteen minutes.

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Benefits of Using a Soap Sack

Crocheting a soap sack(also called a soap saver) is useful and convenient in a few different ways. As the name implies, the main function of a soap saver is to keep soap from being wasted. Instead of losing small pieces of soap as the bar breaks apart or gets soft, the sack keeps it all together and prevents loss. Not only does this cut down on waste, but it also saves money over time.

Along with that, a soap saver will often have a tie that doubles as a way to hang your soap(this design has that feature as well). This allows the soap to drain and dry some between uses and also contributes to less waste. Beyond these practical benefits though, crocheting a soap sack is also just a way to make something pretty and useful for the bathroom, and makes a nice addition to any crochet bathroom set.

About this Design and Materials

This design, which I call the straightforward soap sack, is an easy crochet pattern that is even sutitable for beginners. It uses medium weight cotton yarn, which is easily available, and fits most commercial bars of soap.

Making this design is also very quick. While everyone works at a slightly different pace, it takes me a mere 15 or 20 minutes to work up one of these. And, while construction requires a quick seam, there is no shaping or working in the round required.

Final Thoughts

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I’d love to hear how you use this design, and hope you enjoy the ease of such a simple pattern.

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A beginner-friendly crochet soap sack pattern allows you to make your own convenient and cost-saving soap holder in just fifteen minutes

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