How to Start Crocheting for $10(with LoveCrafts) is a fantastic source for yarn and other crochet supplies. Here, I show you how to use this site for starting crochet on a budget.

Crochet is amazingly fun. There are literally endless possibilities of what you can create with this hobby. The possible projects can be practical and cute, to mind-bogglingly intricate. But, before you even get to actually making something the sheer amount of different crochet supplies(yarn and tools) out there is enough to make anyone’s head spin.

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It is with this in mind that I’m writing this post. There are so many fantastic resources and “shiny” things in the world of crafts and crochet. I can imagine it can get a little overwhelming if someone doesn’t know exactly where to start. Although it’s simple enough to get going(spoiler: all you need is some yarn and a basic hook), there are a lot of options out there for even the most essential supplies.

Side note: at the bottom of this post you have the option to snag a free shopping guide to help you wherever you end up getting your supplies!

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How to use this guide

My goal here is to not only give you a simple overview of what you need, but also show you very specifically how you can get started on a budget. To be more specific, Below I’ll be going over a few options that you can mix and match to have everything you need for about $10. And, that can even include shipping!

The site I’m using for this overview and current prices is, the home of both Lovecrochet and Loveknitting. They are an arts and crafts site with wonderful service and, yes, a very wide selection of items. It’s like a local yarn store with huge stock and all the convenience of being online. Lovecrafts also has regular sales and discounts, which makes yarn shopping extra fun!

If you’d like to start somewhere that you are probably already familiar with, you can see my similar post here for choosing your first crochet supplies on Amazon.

Either way, you can scroll to the bottom of this post right now if you want and grab my free shopping guide and checklist for picking up your supplies. It lists all of the essential and non-essential items I go through here, plus a few reminders to keep in mind as you browse. You can easily use it while shopping for crochet supplies anywhere!

What you need

As I said a little earlier, all you truly need to learn crochet is a hook and some easy-to-use yarn. If you don’t already have some decent scissors handy, that is the only other thing you’ll need to get.

I will go over a few optional extras towards the end that you may also want to look at. They aren’t needed right away, but they are very helpful to have and I personally really appreciate them. Even if you don’t want them right away, you’ll know what is available for when you are ready to expand your toolbox!


Generally speaking, simple metal hooks are going to be fine for most beginners. For the sake of simplicity, you can get one single hook(or a set of a few in the same size, in case one gets lost) and purchase a yarn that goes with that hook size. Or, you can go ahead and purchase a set containing a handful of hooks in different sizes. With that, you will have greater flexibility to crochet different sizes of yarn right away and that is certainly a good thing.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that anytime you give yourself more options, you may find yourself having more trouble choosing what to. This decision paralysis is not your friend during this time of learning a new skill, so consider if some choices would give you a better chance of success by helping you focus. You can always expand and upgrade your tools later(and the same goes for yarn). In fact, if you crochet for any length of time you will probably find that many of us end up with so much stuff we hardly know how to use it all!

Special Considerations

If you have arthritis or other factors that might affect your comfort and ability to grip and control your hooks, consider some of the options that have ergonomic handles. These are also helpful later on if you find yourself crocheting a lot.

Hook Options

Here are some very budget-friendly hook options from Lovecrafts. Make sure you choose a medium size like H or I for getting started:

  • Pony Aluminum crochet hook($1.65): These are really great for getting started and they come in many sizes.
  • Susan Bates Silvalume Hook($1.95): These are another great option for basic metal hooks, and they come in a wide range of sizes as well.
  • Pony Easy Grip Hook($2.95): If you think you need a more cushioned hook or just prefer it, check out these other hooks from the Pony brand. The easy grip hooks are a really affordable way to get a more ergonomic handle.

Now let’s move on to the mainstay of crochet: YARN!

pinterest image of crochet swatch


Simplicity is key in yarn when you first start to crochet. A smooth, solid-colored yarn(in a light color) is what you want because your stitches will be easy to see. Fluffy textures, multiple colors, and other fun features are best left for later since they can be distracting and just make things difficult starting out.

Thankfully, there are almost endless options of yarn at lovecrafts. Seriously, every time I search for something I come across a new brand or line of yarn that I haven’t noticed before. The options in color, fiber, weight, and texture are truly fantastic, and that includes a lot of yarns that are ideal for beginners specifically.

Yarn options

Here are just a few of the offerings from Lovecrafts that will work for you if you are just starting and also suitable for our ideal $10 budget:

  • Paintbox Simply Aran($3.00): Paintbox is the resident line of yarns from Lovecrafts, and as the name suggests they come in a complete pallette of colors. I have used the simply aran quite a bit myself and it’s my favorite acrylic yarn. Paintbox also has other weights available as well as cotton and wool blend options, which are all very reasonably priced.
  • Style craft Classique Cotton($2.95): another well-liked cotton option with a wide range of color options comes from stylecraft. This particular yarn is a little bit thinner(DK weight) than the aran yarn above. However, it’s still within the range of what is generally easy to work with as you are first learning.
  • Adriafil Regina Wool($6.29): Even though the paintbox has a line of wool blends as I mentioned above, I didn’t want to go on without including another option for 100% wool. This wool from Adriafil Regina comes in vibrant and versatile colors and, although more than the other two options, is still a good price for this valuable and all-natural fiber.

Staying in our budget…

As of right now, Lovecrafts’ lowest shipping option is right at $5. There is an option for free shipping, but your order has to be at least $60. Since this post is all about showing that you can start crocheting for under or about $10, I just want to take a moment and show that you can do that even with paying shipping on Lovecrafts.

There are several combinations of hooks and yarn from what I’ve already listed that come to less than $5, which means you can get your entire order for $10. Obviously, there is value in getting more supplies if you are paying shipping anyway(at least that’s how my mind works when yarn is involved!) But again, if you just want to try this out and keep the investment low, picking one hook and one skein of yarn is really all you need to grab if you’ve got some kind of scissors already.

With your hook and your yarn taken care of, here are a few extras that you might find useful as well.


  • Stitch Markers($2.95): Stitch markers essentially keep your place while you are crocheting, so that you can reference it later. This helps so much with counting your rows, keeping track of patterns and repeats, and remembering where you are!
  • Row Counter($4.95): Another great tool for keeping track of where you are! A row counter allows you to track exactly what row you are on as you work. Mine saves me so much time!
  • Yarn Snippers($1.45): Not the same as normal scissors, these handy little snippers are great for a compact crochet bag and for keeping just for your work.
  • Accessories Kit($13): If you like the idea of all of those types of tools and more, take a look at this kit. Although a few of the items are more for knitting, this combination is still hugely convenient and useful for crocheting, especially at the price.

Final Encouragement(Plus a tool for you!)

Now that you know what you need to crochet(and have some great options right in front of you), feel free to grab the handy shopping list and guide that I’ve put together to help you remember all these tips. It can help you out no matter where you decide to get your stuff!

Then, if you need to start at the absolute beginning with your new supplies, you can check out my first crochet lesson by visiting my chain stitch tutorial.

Even on a specialty site, it doesn’t have to take a lot of money to start learning crochet!

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