The Herringbone Bonnet(Premium Crochet Pattern)

The Herringbone Bonnet is a classic and versatile crochet pattern for babies ages 0-12 months and beyond. 

Today it is so exciting to introduce you to the first premium crochet pattern here on Amelia Makes! Named from the herringbone-like pattern of the stitch combination that I came up with after playing around a bit, this bonnet design can be used to make adorable toppers for any precious little ones from the time they’re teeny-tiny. 

Having a small and large size in both the square and rounded pattern shapes means that you can utilize this pattern for a baby all the way through their first birthday and beyond. At the time I’m writing this, the little guy that inspired this design is now a toddler, and he’s still rocking the larger size! 

You can read more about the pattern below, and also see it in the store HERE.

Pattern Idea

When my son was born last year, I experienced what most crocheters go through when babies come into the picture-I wanted to make him everything I could! 

What was especially adorable and inspiring were all of the traditional looking baby items that I saw on Instagram and Pinterest. Wanting to make something with a similar and just as classic, I came up with a pattern that could be easily used to make either a pointed bonnet (the goal was to end up with something that something that would look 100% adorable with a pom pom) as well as a more traditional-looking fitted/rounded bonnet. 

My other goal for this design was to have a bit of texture beyond simple rows of something like double crochet. I wanted something very gender-neutral, with a stitch pattern that would lend some visual interest without being too complicated. The subtle herringbone pattern is the result and after making dozens of these myself I’m still pleased with the results time after time. 

Pattern Strengths and Construction

In addition to being cute, this bonnet is everything I personally wanted in functionality as well. Generous crochet ribbing around both the neck and face opening of this bonnet provide a comfortable fit as well as extended wearability. The ties are very sturdy and long enough for a bow, as well as easily adjustable if you want them a bit longer or shorter. 

The Herringbone Bonnet does provide some warmth on it’s own, depending on the yarn it’s made out of, but it can also be lined with shearling, fleece, or a similar fabric to create an even warmer and wind-resistant hat for playing in chilly outings. My tutorial for lining bonnets is coming soon!

How to Get the Pattern

You can find more information and pictures for this pattern by clicking HERE or by selecting “shop premium patterns” in the main website menu. I would also love to know what other types of patterns you would like to see offered here. 

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The Herringbone Crochet Bonnet Pattern is the only pattern you’ll need for sweet and classic looking baby and toddler hats in two adorable shapes.

Crochet Pattern Herringbone Bonnet
How adorable is this?! The Herringbone Bonnet is a premium crochet pattern from Amelia Makes, and it can be made in either a square(read POM POM) shape or a classic rounded shape. The two sizes can fit really small babies all the way to toddlers a year old and beyond. #crochet #crochetbonnet #classicbonnet

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