Toddler Bathrobe Pattern

This toddler bathrobe crochet pattern is a simply shaped project created for lots of precious bath time and bedtime memories.

One of the most precious times with little children, in my opinion, is bath time. Maybe you can relate to the absolute joy I get from wrapping up my own little one after a warm bath and rubbing off his head until his hair is all fluffy like a baby chick.

With an older baby/little toddler walking around now, I decided it would be nice to make him something that he could wear out of the bath and walk around in before I get his pajamas ready. This free toddler crochet pattern for a bathrobe is the result.

Get the free download for this pattern here:


Right away, I want to be clear on the sizing of this pattern for those of you reading who would like to consider making this for a special baby/toddler.

This original project is what I would consider a 12-18 month size.

Below, I go over my notes for making this cute little robe, and you can also see more of my finished project. If you would like to download the specific pattern that I wrote up, you can scroll to the bottom of the post for a link to sign up. The pattern is absolutely free, and it also comes with a template that you can use as a starting point for other sizes.

So in the meantime, here’s some more info on this lovely little project!

Materials Needed

Although you could technically make a robe out of any fiber, I specifically chose to use a nice and soft, medium weight cotton yarn. Not only is a good cotton soft enough for a baby, it will also provide some absorbency for a still-damp, freshly-bathed little one.

Unless you have a very large cone of cotton yarn lying around, I would suggest getting 2-3 skeins of cotton to do this project in. Although I have listed my yardage count in the downloadable pattern for the size I made, this is still not exact(although I do get it as close as I can!) I would much rather guide you towards having some leftover yarn than not having enough! This is especially true since everyone’s stitches are unique and some may use slightly more or less yarn for the same project.

Now with yarn covered, all you need is a hook(the proper size to go with your yarn), and your normal scissors and tapestry needle if you want to use that to weave in your ends(which I highly recommend).

Crocheting the Bathrobe

Crocheted Bathrobe Main Piece

This bathrobe design is worked from the right to the left, so that your starting stitches become one edge of the robe opening. Slits are regularly added to accommodate the belt, which is done separately, and armholes are added in a similar fashion when we get to them. Again, this pattern is to fit a child who wears approximately 12-18 month clothing, so the proportions and distances for everything are done accordingly.

After finishing the right front, back, and left front sections(in that order), the main portion is finished off and the sleeves are done separately.

Adding the sleeves

The sleeves for this toddler bathrobe pattern are made as simple rectangles that, when seamed, fit very nicely into the armholes. I liked finishing one sleeve, seaming it, and attaching it to the main body portion without cutting the yarn. Then, I worked the second sleeve.

I did go back and add a little edging on the cuffs of these sleeves, as you will see in the pattern. Although I liked this it is entirely optional.

Adding the Belt

Finally, the belt.

I chose to crochet the belt in waistcoat stitch, both for durability and for visual appeal. Also called the knit stitch, this stitch looks similar to knitting but turns out thicker than actual knitted stitches. Anyway, if you would like a nice tutorial for this stitch, you can check out my post on it here:

When finished, the belt can be woven through the slits that were made earlier.

Then, you can finish up by weaving in any remaining ends. If you’d like, you can also just add a couple of stitches in the back of the bathrobe to “tack” the belt to the bathrobe. That way, the belt won’t get pulled out and seperated.

And now, you’re little-bitty bathrobe is all done! Here are a few shots of my little one wearing his:

Final Encouragement (and Pattern)

It’s really a special thing to make cute and practical projects for the sweet babies and younger people in our lives. With this little bathrobe, you’ll have something to wrap up your baby/toddler in that isn’t quite as bulky as a towel. It’s also nice that they can move around in it and play in it. It can be worn on it’s own before pajamas(maybe even substituting for a towel with that nice absorbent cotton). Or, your little one can wear this over pajamas before bed to be nice and cozy.

So, if you’d like to download the pattern for specific directions on how I stitched up this project, simply grab it here:

You may want to also pin this for later so that the project is easy to find.

And please, reach out to me with any feedback you might have for this pattern! If enough people request a different size, I’ll get around to creating more options sooner rather than later. It would also be really cool to see completed projects, so if anyone wants to show me their completed toddler bathrobes, feel free to share!

Keep the crafting delightful everybody,


Feel free to share this free toddler crochet pattern for a cute and easy-to-make cotton bathrobe!

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